The Surface of Mars.

Mars Curiosity Rover Travels 400 Feet, As Man Gets Ready to Colonize the Planet

NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity, has completed its longest trek yet, according to CBS News, driving 464 feet to the top of Panorama Point, where it took photographs of Waypoint 1, a collection of interesting rocks en route to the vehicle's final destination: Mount Sharp, a three-mile-high mountain.

New Report Shows How Civil Liberties Are Lost at Airports

Newly released documents show how the Department of Homeland Security can make use border crossings to search U.S. citizens of their electronic devices as they travel to and from the country, according to a report by the New York Times.

Cigarette Butts Will Cost You $1,500 in Illinois

Smokers should think twice before “lighting it up” on New Year. Starting January 1, flicking cigar butts will cost you a hefty $1,500 in Illinois.

Japan’s Magnetic Levitation Train Runs 310 MPH in Trials [VIDEO]

After two years of halting experimental runs, Japan’s Magnetic Levitation train or the “MagLev” is at it again – and ran a good 310 miles per hour too!

In-flight Entertainment Allegedly Calls Passenger 'Idiot'

What would you do if your in-flight entertainment screen tells you to "Lie low... Sit down, you idiot!"?
Penis-Shaped Strawberry Found In U.K.

Penis Shaped Strawberry Grows In The UK [PHOTO]

A woman from United Kingdom published a picture of a strawberry grown in her garden that weirdly grew in the shape of a penis, so the picture went viral on social networks.
Chuletas de Cordero Cafe Ole

Café Olé es España en Nueva York

Café Olé se presentó como una oportunidad para la familia Nava de reivindicarse con el arte de la culinaria llevándolos por más de tres décadas a sobrevivir las exigencias en diferentes restaurantes de la ciudad de Nueva York.
Greenland Ice Sheet

Scientist Discover Largest Canyon in World, Hidden by Greenland's Ice

Researchers in Greenland have discovered a the largest canyon on earth, hidden underneath the massive island's ice sheet, which remains frozen year round. The canyon measures 2,600 feet deep and 6 miles wide, a scale that measures favorably against the famous Grand Canyon in Arizona, according to an NBC News report.
Bull Run

Three Men Gored In Latest Bull Run of Pamplona

Three men were severely injured by the raging bulls of the event.
Statue of Liberty

Fourth of July News: Statue of Liberty Reopens as New York Celebrates Independence Day

New Yorkers had an even more meaningful celebration of Independence Day as the Statue of Liberty reopened on Fourth of July.
BART Strike

BART Strike 2013 Update: Commuting Struggles Continue After Night of Fruitless Negotiations

Transit riders in San Francisco were left at the mercy of the BART strike which has effectively shut down the nation's fifth-largest rail system for a third straight day.
Colorado Wildfires

Colorado Wildfires 2013 Update: Over 115,000 Acres Burned; Fires Linked To Drought

Colorado has undoubtedly suffered from the most persistent and severe wildfires this season. As a result, approximately 115,099 acres, or 180 square miles of land, has been lost throughout the state.
BART Strike

BART Strike 2013 Update: How To Commute During The Chaos

There is no telling when the BART strike, which has left the streets of San Francisco in gridlock, will end. If you're in the Bay Area, here are some tips for your commute on Wednesday:
West Fork Fire Complex

Colorado Wildfires Update: 96,742 Acres Burned By West Fork Complex Fire, 4 Percent Contained

By Sunday, firefighters managed to contain 4 percent of southern Colorado's West Fork Complex fire which has grown to 96,742 acres.
Flash Flood Warnings and Watches

Tornado Warning Lifted In New Jersey; Flash Flood Warning In Forecast For New Jersey, New York, East Coast (MAPS)

A tornado warning was issued Monday morning for Union and Essex counties in New Jersey due to severe thunderstorms. It has since been lifted, but flash flood warnings and watches continue in New Jersey, New York and other areas along the East Coast.

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