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The yellow Nokia Lumia 920 (Photo : Nokia)

Nokia's Lumia 920 smartphone is expanding to other carriers while CEO Stephen Elop talks about the shortage of the Windows Phone 8 smarthphone.

As Latinos Post reported, 2.5 million devices of the Lumia device have been sold, worldwide, as prices start at $99.99 when signing a two-year contract with exclusive carrier AT&T. Prices were slashed in half during the Black Friday 2012 weekend to $49.99, then further to $39.99 with Amazon Wireless last week, and it might have contributed to the sales numbers.

The device has been sold out in AT&T online, Amazon, and Best Buy, pending on the color of the device. The red and white version on Amazon is sold out, but customers can sign up to be notified when supplies stock up.

Nokia CEO Elop, speaking to Finnish national public broadcasting company Yle, said there was a strategy in launching both Lumia 920 and Lumia 920 smartphones.

"We're on a strategy as we introduce the 920 and 820 to start with an initial level of production and to build that over time, to get to the point where we are expanding everything that we are doing, store by store and now country by country, and going into the next part of the new year," said Elop. "So we are on a very deliberate strategy to grow this over time and things are going reasonably well based on the consumer feedback."

The distribution will be expanding with the United Kingdom ending its exclusive deal with EE (Everything Everywhere).

"We have been listening to what our loyal consumers want and we have been working to make the Lumia 920 available from other retailers from January onwards", noted Nokia on its UK Facebook page about two weeks ago.

Now, it has been confirmed Vodafone and ThreeUK will carry the Lumia 920 device. ThreeUK confirmed it on Twitter while 3G reporting Vodafone will carry it.

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