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Drafting an essay

       What differs a professional writer from an amateur? People appreciate many literature pieces as they remind precious stones that has been polished for months by their creators. Every word in these masterpieces is on its place as their writers have spent long hours to bring them to perfection. Amateurs cope with written pieces quickly and without much effort.

      Obviously, only one in twenty students can write a good essay in the first draft, so all the others should be ready to complete several drafts to get a well-structured and readable essay. That means that students should work on their essays like professional and talented writers. Making several drafts they can come up with a perfect variant for submission but it takes time and effort. Let's see how students should work on their first and final drafts to get a custom essay.

Dealing with the first essay draft

       The first draft can be compared with the rough sketch of the picture you wish to paint. Some first drafts can be rather satisfactory and close to final ones, but some additional work is still needed.

       Usually, a writer should make several steps to write his first draft:

  1. Analyze the topic and outline one more time to understand what tasks should be accomplished.
  2. Start your introduction with the topic representation, think how you will catch readers' attention and mention your viewpoint on the topic.
  3. Let your thoughts and ideas flow on the basis of the outline.
  4. Remember that in conclusion you should restate your thesis statement and make a short summary of the main body.
  5. Read out your first draft to see if you have mentioned all the ideas you planned.
  6. Avoid corrections as they will be made later.

Custom research paper writing is a time-consuming process that can be eased using the following tips:

- Make notes in the text or on the sheet of paper not to forget important details;

- Put aside the first draft for some period of time to gather thoughts;

- Revise this draft if it is too long as you can imagine its size if you expand on each point a bit more yet;

- Leave empty space in the text if you feel that you have told not everything;

- Set time limits and do not hope for certain mood or occasion to start writing;

- Devote each paragraph to one idea and then provide arguments and evidence;

- Choose a drafting approach suitable for you: it can be linear or recursive.

The final draft writing tips 

       Depending on the talent and writing skills of the student there can be several essay drafts written by him. The second, third, fourth drafts will gradually bring the writer to the necessity to create a final product and this stage is incredibly responsible. That is why you should learn several tips how to complete your essay writing successfully:

  1. Make a critical analysis of your last draft and rewrite or sharpen up unclear passages.
  2. Assess the essay for structure appropriateness, coherency, style, vocabulary.
  3. Check if your introduction and main body are closely connected with the conclusions you offer and are summarized there.
  4. Look through the main body for it to contain all the facts and arguments.
  5. Cope with Bibliography and Reference sections.
  6. Ensure that the word count meets the requirements assigned.

       When you work with the final draft it is also time to make all the checks to make the paper look excellent. A students should get rid of any grammar, spelling, punctuation and stylistic mistakes. It would be also useful to have your paper read, edited and formatted by a trustworthy writing essay service: a look from the side will be quite beneficial for the paper.

        When you submit your paper, check if all the attachments are there and whether the printed text is your final solution. It will guarantee you success and satisfaction.

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