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GLENDALE, CA - OCTOBER 27: Fighter Ronda Rousey Hosts Media Day Ahead of The Rousey Vs. Holm Fight at the Glendale Fighting Club on October 27, 2015 in Glendale, California. (Photo : Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Ronda Rousey might have found a new admirer in Amber Rose.

The rapper model was candid in admitting that she has "lesbianic" feelings towards the UFC fighter. Amber Rose confessed that she is "totally" crushing on the former undefeated champion. But when asked if the 28-year-old American mixed martial artist was aware of her feelings, the fashion designer said that the fighter knows now.

This is not the first time that Amber crushed on a female personality. She once posted a photo of Margot Robbie and branded the "Suicide Squad" actress as "the hottest woman on the planet right now."

However, in a report by Fox News Latino, the UFC fighter might not really care as much as she just confirmed that she is dating Travis Browne, another UFC heavyweight.

When asked about her relationship in October, Rousey admitted that she is indeed together with Browne but refused to give further details.

"It's true that Travis and I are in a relationship. I've really enjoyed the time we have spent together and getting to know one another. And that's all I'm going to say about it," Rousey said.

Meanwhile, Rousey stayed true to her words and attended the Marine Corps Ball. In September when Marine Jarrod Haschert asked Rousey if she would agree to the ball with him, the athlete said yes.

She has not been spending so much time out in public since her defeat from Holly Holm but Rousey kept her promise and flew to South Carolina on Friday to attend the ball. When she was briefly interviewed in the airport, Rousey said that the ball is a "good thing" to keep her mind off things, TMZ reported.

"I promised I'd go. It's an honor to be asked. Honestly, I'd probably stay on my couch, crying and eating ice cream if he hadn't asked me. So it's probably a good thing," Rousey said.

With regards to her rematch with Holm, Rousey admitted that she wants it to happen but it depends on other factors as well. "It's what I want, but it's up to the UFC and it's up to her camp, so we'll see what happens," she said.

Based on the photos, it looks like Rousey had a lot of fun in the ball. She seemed game to take a picture with other people who were in attendance. Overall, it was nice to see the UFC fighter smile once again after admitting that she is sad about her defeat.

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