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ANAHEIM, CA - FEBRUARY 28: In this handout image provided by Disney Parks, Mariska Hargitay meets Olaf the snowman at 'Olaf's Snow Fest' at Disney California Adventure park, part of the new 'Frozen Fun' offerings at the Disneyland Resort this spring, on February 28, 2015 in Anaheim, California. (Photo : HANDOUT/getty images)

Back in March, Disney announced that "Frozen 2" is in the works and will be out by 2018. With so many speculations floating all over the Internet, fans have been asking about the lovable snowman and a possible Olaf spinoff movie.

Josh Gad, the voice behind the character, visited IGN UK to talk about his new upcoming movie, "Pixels," but the conversation strayed to his biggest success. According to IGN, Gad did not seem convinced about Olaf having a spinoff movie, just like how the Minions got their own.

The comedian said, "You know what it comes down to is John Lasseter and his brain trust who run Pixar and Disney are very sensitive to making sure it's coming from a place of character and story." He added, "So until there's a reason to do know, like Frozen 2 came about a lot quicker than any of us anticipated because you look at the difference in time, there was like 10 years before they made Finding Dory now and six or seven years before they made Toy Story 3."

"I think that they tend to take a lot of time by virtue of the fact that they want to get it right," Gad said. He added, "They know what the expectation is. Especially for a movie like Frozen where it just became a phenomenon. There's a lot of expectation."

As for "Frozen 2" and the plot, the rumor mill is hard at work. One possible plot, according to Movie Pilot, suggested that Anna could be the next villain in the sequel. The report compared "Frozen" to a classical fairy tale, "The Snow Queen," saying that both have some similarities.

In addition, Anna's frozen heart might have some lingering effect that may lead her to stray from Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf. Another possible angle for the villain of the sequel would be someone with the power of fire to counter Queen Elsa's ice. Although these pieces of news remain nothing but fan-based speculations, the ideas appear to be enticing just the same. Still, information such as these should still be taken with a grain of salt until Disney releases an official statement about the matter at hand.

Previous reports on Latino Post revealed a possible romantic interest for the Ice Queen in the character of Olaf. Other views were also discussed as to the origins of Elsa's powers, focus on the royal siblings' parents and Olaf getting more screen time.

Idina Menzel will return as Elsa for "Frozen 2." Kristen Bell confirmed her return as Anna via Twitter. Gad's Olaf and Johnathan Groff's Kristoff will also make their way back for the sequel. There are still more news to come for "Frozen 2," which is scheduled to hit cinemas on Nov. 21, 2018.

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