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Although "Frozen 2" co-director Chris Buck had previously declared that he had already figured out the ending for the much-awaited sequel, he had not taken the liberty of giving us hints of what it would be. Whatever it is, it must be a fantastic one - enough to convince the Disney big honchos to green light a follow up to the record-breaking original, that is.

Despite the tight-lipped secrecy over the upcoming movie's plot, fans continue to speculate and split hairs over the "Frozen 2" storyline. Some rumors mention the possibility of Olaf turning into Queen Elsa's love interest as "the snow character embodies true love and selflessness in the first film," Master Herald noted.

"Of course, Olaf's character should be refreshed and modified, and that there should be a twist in his character if he is to become Queen Elsa's love interest for the sequel," the site added.

The hug-loving character could be a surprising choice for a leading man. Do you think Olaf as the Snow Queen's love interest could be a suitable twist to the sequel?

Other rumors have it that a new and improved (read: repentant) Prince Hans could turn out to be Elsa's one and only. He may, after all, unwittingly become King of Arendelle after all, if the rumor mill is right.

"Hans, the greedy villain in the first movie will be back in 'Frozen 2' but his once selfish heart will change. Apparently, Hans will prove that he is a changed man to capture the heart of Queen Elsa," Christian Today said.

Other speculations eye a character outside of the "Frozen" world as a possible King to Elsa's Queen.

"Jack Frost may make a crossover in Disney to guest star as Elsa's love interest in 'Frozen 2,'" predicted Venture Capital Post. "Both Elsa and Jack can potentially be a great love team considering that they can both control winter. They may have personality differences since Jack like pranks while Elsa is more focused due to her responsibilities as a queen, but we all know that opposites attract."

Three possibilities, one common denominator - Queen Elsa's love interest. Will "Frozen 2" show us a King for Elsa? What's your best bet?

Right now, the directors of the sequel still have a couple of things to figure out for the movie as it is a challenge to top the critical and box office smash hit that is "Frozen."

Will "Frozen 2" top the 2013 hit? We will have to wait probably until 2018 to know the answer.


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