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Professional wrestler Samoa Joe, with TNA Heavyweight Championship belt in hands. (Photo : By Tabercil (Own work) [GFDL ( via Wikimedia Commons)

There are rumors that Samoa Joe might be preparing to join WWE NXT.

PWInsider reported that Samoa Joe, former TNA and Ring of Honor champion, was backstage during the WWE NXT taping in Orlando, Florida, on April 23, 2015. He reportedly met with Triple H about the possibility of joining the company. The report added that professional wrestling commentator Jim Ross was also present at the taping, allegedly doing voiceover work for the WWE activity.

Fansided reported that it's possible that Joe and WWE are talking about a deal that would make the former star appear in WWE NXT. Triple H is in charge of WWE's brand development and has long shared his interest in Joe. He would be an asset to the show because of his popularity, experience and existing relationships with some WWE stars. There is no confirmation yet whether Joe wants to appear and stay in NXT.

Joe's association with TNA before prevented him from accepting an offer from Triple H to work with WWE NXT, the Inquisitr noted. Many were actually surprised that the WWE was interested in having Joe return, considering that he is past his prime, explained the outlet. It is worthy to note, however, that Joe continues to bring in fans and still has the physical prowess to wrestle with the best young guns in the business. Joe is already 36 years old so wrestling fans expect WWE to keep him only for a short while.

Although the WWE cannot expect to see Joe working with them a full decade, the former champ can help increase the popularity of the show, especially among former TNA and ROH viewers. Joe is set to undergo medical testing and if he passes, the WWE will most likely confirm the deal, Inquisitr added.

Fans expect Samoa Joe to make his first appearance on WWE NXT on May 20, although a seperate report by the Inquisitr said that he will most likely start wrestling in June 2015. WWE NXT is set to have a live special on the WWE Network on May 20, so a script may be in place as a prelude to his viable opponents and forthcoming matches.

Samoa Joe returned to ROH in March 2015. He fought and but then lost against ROH champion Jay Briscoe and then won over Kyle O'Reilly.

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