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This is a promotional image for the animated blockbuster movie "Frozen." (Photo : Disney)

There are no concrete plans about the sequel for 2013 hit animation, Frozen, but according to Movie Pilot, it seems that there's already a working title for it. At least, that's what some people think so.

According to fan site Stitch Kingdom, Disney has been busy buying domain names, all of which are different versions of "Strange Magic."

The domain names in question are,,, and

The blog noted, "With the 'Frozen Fever' short already in production with a release date of 'spring 2015,' a Broadway musical production in the works and writer/co-director Jennifer Lee actively working on adapting "A Wrinkle in Time" for Disney, it's hard to believe that a Frozen sequel is in the works."

Of course, it covered all its bases, saying, "Or it could just be a film called Strange Magic that no one has yet to hear of, possibly even for DreamWorks, for whom Disney handles marketing and distribution."

Although it sounds more like the song from "Ella Enchanted", "Strange Magic" can have some significance in "Frozen" as it has been uttered twice in the film: first, by the Grand Pabbie, and second, by the Duke of Weselton. Besides, it has been established in the movie that Queen Elsa's powers are definitely on the strange side. After all, why call her a monster if it isn't?

Even if this speculation turns out to have some truth in it, it may be a while before Disney will proceed to work on with the sequel. For now, producers are concerned about a short called "Frozen Fever," a Broadway musical, a Disney on Ice production, and four novels that will take place after the events of "Frozen."

Other than that, the International Business Times also reported that "Frozen" co-director Jennifer Lee has her hands full on adapting "A Wrinkle in Time" as the next Disney movie.

That being said, fans should cool it. For now, Disney is concentrating on making sure that "Frozen Fever" will go on as planned for 2015, then they can concentrate on making the sequel perfect.

Are you excited for "Frozen 2" or should Disney just "let it go" and make another animated film instead?

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