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Fans of Disney's hit animation, "Frozen" may as well move on: the sequel is not happening anytime soon, according to Air Herald.

Why delay while the story is hot in box office? The studio doesn't want to force the success for a sequel only to see it as a lesser version of the original, ruining the entire franchise if it can't live up to the extremely high standards set by the original film.

"In order to make the perfect movie sequel, the filmmakers have to write the perfect follow-up story for it. Otherwise, Frozen won't be as good anymore and that would surely disappoint everyone," Bob Iger, CEO for Disney said in an interview reported by Hallels.

Instead of the much-anticipated sequel, the company is releasing a short called "Frozen Fever" which, according to Christian Today, is about Anna. The synopsis read, "It's Anna's birthday and Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever, but Elsa's icy powers may put more than just the party at risk." The Independent UK also reported that the short is to feature another original song from the same duo behind "Let It Go," husband and wife songwriters, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

It is also expected that the original cast will be returning for the sequel, Kristen Bell, who gave voice to Anna, is definitely up for it. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress revealed that she always wanted to be a Disney Princess. "That was the thing I wanted to do at 5 years old more than anything-- 'I want to be a Disney princess!'"

When  asked how long she wanted to stay as Anna, she said, "Oh, forever!"

While fans wait for an actual sequel, Disney is not going to let the fire run out of its hit animation. For the meantime, fans have a Broadway Show, four novels about Anna and Elsa, and ABC's "Once Upon A Time" to look forward to.

The most recent endeavor in the "Frozen" franchise also includes the ice skating show, "Disney Presents: Frozen on Ice" which has only recently started its tour with a cast of 39 persons, including Rebecca Bereswill and Taylor Firth as Elsa and Anna, as noted by the Washington Post.

Despite putting the sequel on hold, merchandise alone is enough for the company to make money off the popular animation film. Air Herald reported that Anna and Elsa costumes are among the top picks for Halloween, and that says a lot about its popularity.

While waiting for "Frozen 2" to take shape, Disney is also planning another animated movie, Moana, which is similar to the 2013 animated favorite, which is expected to be another success.

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