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2K Sports is introducing a new feature for its upcoming basketball title that all surely make every gamer jump with excitement.

The "NBA 2K15", which will be arriving on October 7, is reinforcing its My Career gaming mode for next-generation consoles with 3-D face mapping. This feature allows gamers to scan lifelike renditions of their own faces to use with their virtually created players.

Jeff Thomas, Vice President of Sports Development for ''NBA 2K'' developer, Visual Concepts, explains that the whole process is possible through "the processing power of the next-gen systems."

Thomas added, as quoted by The Score, "We've been talking about doing this for a number of years, but it really wasn't possible until we knew the processing power of the next-gen machines."

While Visual Concepts noted that the technology "took some time to get it right," a demo video released by 2K shows how detailed this new feature could be. Using the PS4 camera or the Xbox One Kinect, the 3-D mapping process creates a realistic rendition of the gamers face to make their gaming experience as real as possible.

Gamespot notes that the process of scanning the face will take about 30 seconds, given that the process runs smoothly. "Basically, you'll get very close (6-12 inches) to the camera and slowly turn your head 30 degrees to the left and right," the site explained.

While this is not the first time a game offered a face scanning feature, 2K's version is one of the closest renditions to a human face. NBA 2K explains the process "renders photorealistic 3-D models on screen that can be tweaked and placed onto the bodies of virtual players in the game's career and online modes. The process requires a well-lit room and takes about three minutes."

For gamers who enjoy making weird faces for their players, Thomas explains that "there can't be any more alien players" since all available modifications will be based on features of real NBA and Euroleague players.

"You used to be able to pull and tug players' faces and create crazy noses and stuff. Because we're referencing real people, it only allows you to create human-looking players," the Visual Concepts VP explained. "I think that's a big deal. The combination of these techniques will give you a really solid-looking image of yourself.''

While 2K previously revealed that the PC version of "NBA 2K15" will follow after next-gen's version of the game, it has not been revealed whether the new My Career feature will also be available for PC gamers.

Watch the Face Scan demo here:

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