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This is a screengrab from the extended television trailer for The CW's "The Flash." (Photo : CW)

Fans of The CW's superhero television offering "Arrow" will be delighted to know that the network's latest show will have a "brighter" tone than the the Green Arrow-based series.

Talking to Comic Book Resources, show creator David Nutter discusses the difference of "The Flash" and "Arrow." He said, "We were very happy with how Arrow turned out. What we wanted to do was make the show have some other notes in it. There's humor in this (Flash) pilot, which fits very well. It's a little bit brighter of a show. It really encapsulates who Barry Allen is as a character, and who the Flash is in the comics... I want to make something like Arrow and Flash relatable and understandable and not make it cartoonish."

This was also confirmed by "The Flash" lead star Grant Gustin, who is too eager to shed viewer's familiarity of him in "Glee" and wear the brick-red suit. He told IGN in an interview, "We're not going to play the same game that they played on Arrow, where it was a secret. There will be some characters that Barry's specifically trying to keep it from, but his circle - for the most part - is going to know that he's The Flash."

When the topic of crossovers came, Gustin said it was inevitable, considering that he debuted the Barry Allen character on a handful of "Arrow" episodes. "I don't know which characters, but there are going to be crossovers for sure between the two shows. I don't know who it's going to be, but yes, that's gonna happen."

Gustin also teased the presence of several "Easter eggs" in the show, which could add more delight for hardcore fans of the comic book superhero. He added, "There's probably Easter eggs that I'm not even catching because Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti are so good at that. There's going to be so many Easter eggs for the fans; it's so fun."

Yahoo News reported that The CW's "The Flash" is expected to hit television screens in the United States this coming fall.

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