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This still shows Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton in character for the television adaptation of the 1996 award-winning movie "Fargo." (Photo : FX)

The television series adaptation of the 1996 Oscar-winning movie has critics calling it a wonder that FX's "Fargo" might be the sequel that "Breaking Bad" fans would have always wanted, Daily Mail said.

Based on the classic crime novel by Joel Coen, the television series stars "Sherlock" actor Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton and Allison Tholman, with supporting cast members Colin Hanks, Bob Odenkirk, Oliver Platt, Kate Walsh, Adam Goldberg, Keith Carradine, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key.

Fans of the original film version would be delighted that the FX series is set ten years later, and still pays homage to the characters made famous my Frances McDormand and William H Macy. Tolman easily fills in McDormand's shoes as a bright-eyed deputy, while Freeman plays an insurance salesman who is bound to go bad.

Moreover, the television version of "Fargo" should expect the dangerous antics of the sotto-voce psycho Lorne Malvo, who is deliciously played by Thornton. It would be interesting how Thornton, whose acting credits are peppered with bad-guy roles, will bring Lavo's character to life on the tube. Lavo is expected to wreck havoc to the quaint little town of Bemidji.

He said about his character, "I liked the idea of playing a guy who has no conscience. He has this weird sense of humor. He likes to mess with people. And as we went along I started thinking, he's a loner, so messing with people is actually his social life, his recreation. This is a guy who, when threatened on his home turf by a thug twice his size, unconcernedly steps to his bathroom, drops his trousers and takes a seat. His foe, appalled, beats a hasty retreat."

The hiring of Noah Hawley, who both served as the showrunner and writer of the series, could be lauded for his bringing extra characters that would make the series worth watching. Tolman's Molly Solverson will find an ally in a Duluth police officer named Gus Grimly, played by Hanks, The New York Times said. Along with Grimly, other characters that would make the television whodunit more layered for any mystery fan to solve would be Solvenson's own boss Bill Oswalt, played by Odenkirk, and a power-mad grocery store chain owner named Stavros, whose blackmail threat is a tip of the iceberg which is the organized crime racket that reaches to Bemidji.

"Fargo" will be debuting on television screens on Tuesday night at 10PM on FX, Daily Mail said.

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