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Got an incurable wanderlust? Not to worry - the world is your playground and, with its many isles and hidden natural, cultural, and geographical treasures, it's impossible to run out of destinations to conquer.

The coming year is no different; there's a new set of places to visit and things to do, based on the recommendations of the travel experts at Lonely Planet and CNN. Here are 2014's "Top Ten Must-Go Dream Destinations":

  • Antarctica

    It's not just the penguins - the calving glaciers and icebergs are also the stars in this icy continent. Better go before more of the ice melts.

  • Belgium

    Lonely Planet calls this European nation an "underrated gem." Its cities are picturesque and packed with cultural mementos and structures of beautiful architecture; and the countryside, a rustic escape filled with "mellow meadows." The food (read: chocolates and beer) is also world-class.

  • Sao Tome and Principe, Africa

    At 20 tourists a week, this destination is perfect for those seeking to get away from the noise and stress while effectively enjoying a change of vista. Make this one of your first holiday destinations before the rest of the world discovers this gem of a place.

  • Malawi

    Camp out at the Majete Wildlife Reserve or sink into the super comfy accommodations at a local hotel? Your choice, your adventure - this Big Five wildlife magnet is never short of it.

  • Ashikaga Flower Garden, Japan

    Experience movie magic (remember Avatar's Tree of Souls?) when you set foot in this enchanting park which has wisteria trellises stretching over a thousand square meters and a century-old wisteria tree that's an exact match of its cinematic version.

  • Brazil

    FIFA World Cup + beach + vibrant nightlife + quaint colonial villages + stunning rainforests (Amazon) = dream holiday.

  • Macedonia

    Lonely Planet revealed that the Macedonian government's makeover of Skopje, the nation's capital, will be completed in 2014 - the perfect time to survey what the history-rich European nation has to offer.

  • Conca del Marini Hotel, Italy

    Formerly an ancient monastery, this newly-opened establishment is perched on a clifftop and gives you a grand view of the Amalfi coast, plus lavish accommodations and superb pampering options.

  • West Papua, Indonesia

    Go on a surfing expedition through Southeast Asia's waters in a chartered schooner and shortboard or longboard your way through delectable waves.

  • Lapland, Finland

    Hotel Kakslauttanen offers you the unique experience of watching the Northern Lights while lying in the comfort of your own glass-encased suite - which is situated at a suitable distance from other glass-covered pods so you still have enough privacy.

Take your pick and tell us your dream destination experience when you get back!

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