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It’s Halloween, and what better way to get in the spirit than dissecting this week’s episode of “American Horror Story?” The series always pulls out its big guns for its Halloween themed episodes, and this year was no exception. To answer all the looming questions revolving voodoo dolls, zombies and ruthless witches, co-creator Ryan Murphy sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about the shocking episode and what’s to come.

Murphy began by diving right into the episode details, explaining the arrival of the male witches to the council. “Yes, there are male witches who are descendants of Salem and then there are other sects we get into later in the series of male witches who are not of the Salem tribe but other breeds of witches. Not necessarily warlocks,” he said, adding that the council will appear regularly to protect the coven or to prosecute those who go against it.

He later addressed Emma’s death earlier in the season, a choice that outraged fans. “Well keep watching because she’s dead but not gone. What Spalding puts her through in the next couple of episodes is quite remarkable,” he said. “It’s the most shocking thing we’ve ever done on the show and that happened truly by accident.” Most shocking thing ever? We can’t even imagine what that entails.

The Halloween episode ended as zombies descended upon Miss Robichaux’s, which will come into play in next week’s episode. “Next week is interesting because obviously Marie Laveaux wants them dead so she’s summoned their voodoo zombies. The big thing of that episode is who of the witches are going to die? Fiona is at the hospital with her daughter who was blinded by acid so, without her, who amongst those girls is strong enough to rise up and protect them. So that’s a really big clue I think that helps get the audience closer to the idea of who of these girls is the Supreme. Who’s the one who Fiona should be afraid of?”

Fiona? Afraid? We will see about that. “American Horror Story: Coven” airs Wednesday nights on FX.

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