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Costa Concordia cruise body recovery efforts: Divers recover two bodies of the shipwreck on Giglio Island (Photo : Reuters)

This Thursday, Sept 26, divers managed to recover two bodies that are believed to be the last victims of the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia cruise that happened on Jan 13, 2013 on the Italian island of Giglio.

According to the report quoted by news agency Reuters, the recovery efforts managed to locate 30 bodies out of 32 victims of the regrettable shipwreck of the cruise against rocks in Italian waters. The recovery of these last two bodies could end the search operations.

The director of the civil protection agency of Italy, Franco Gabrielli was quoted by Reuters as saying in a press conference that the remains recovered belong to an Indian man and an Italian woman. Mr Gabrielli pointed out that their identities will be confirmed after a DNA analysis is completed.

The bodies of the last two victims are recovered after 20 months since the shipwreck of the 114,500-ton cruise in which 4,000 people traveled.

It's expected that the ship will be dismantled next spring and removed from the coasts of the Mediterranean island, details Reuters.

The Costa Concordia luxury cruise ship sank in the early morning of Jan 13 on the coasts of the Italian island of Giglio, in the region of Toscana, in central Italy, with a total of 4,200 people, mostly European citizens.

Italian authorities pointed out back then that on the ship had citizens of various nationalities as follows: 989 Italian, 569 German, 462 French, 177 Spanish, 129 American, 127 Croatian, 108 Russian, 74 Austrian, 69 Swiss, 46 Brazilian, 46 Japanese, 42 Dutch, 33 Ukranian, 30 Korean, 20 Rumanian, 26 from Hong Kong, 25 British, 21 Australian, 17 Argentinian, 13 Taiwanese, 12 Chinese, 11 Portuguese, 10 Colombian, 10 Chilean and nine Turkish.

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