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(Photo : Twitter / Kristy Abreu)

A beauty queen and her mother sued the New York City Police Department (NYPD) for $210 million over alleged abuses committed by agents of 32nd Precint stationhouse. 

Dominican-American Kristy Abreu (reigning Miss Westchester USA 2013), who is 19 years old, and her 38-year-old mother Kendy Paredes, said that on May 5 their car was stopped by the police at 145 West Street and Eight Avenue, at about 9 p.m., on a minor traffic violation. Following a "computer glitch," they were locked in a holding cell under the suspicion of driving a stolen car, reported The New York Journal. The beauty queen accused NYPD cops of acting like "pigs." All the agents were men, reported the Daily News.

The agents allegedly frisked and handcuffed the two women . "When we got to the precinct, they just started laughing at us," the beauty queen told the Daily News.The women said that the agents called them names, like "pretty girl" or "crying little bitch," and that they were treated "like animals."

Of the 15 or 20 agents involved in the arrest, there was only one female. She helped Abreu wash her hair and dry her tears, the lawsuit said. During their arrest, the two women reportedly received no water, food or access to the bathroom.

Miss Westchester said that to be released they had to demonstrate ownership of their car. They finally left at 5 am, eight hours after the arrest. Their lawyer, Jack Yankowitz, said they had the paperwork of their 2006 Honda Civic in order, and that the women were not read their Miranda rights and were never charged with a crime. "The culture of excessive force and abuse that this precinct engages in is outrageous. They're sweeping up innocent and sweet people," said Yankowitz.

According to the Daily News, Abreu and her mother intend to sue for $210 million for emotional and psychological damage, humiliation and deprivation of civil rights, among other things.

"This has been by far the most terrifying experience I've lived and it haunts me every day. They didn't show any respect. They didn't care. I just hope the community becomes aware of the ways police harass people and make them feel bad. I was just a nightmare," Abreu told the Daily News.


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