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Google Maps has provided an update to its biking navigation, however, it is only limited to select European countries.

Google Maps biking navigation (Photo Credit: Google)
Google Maps biking navigation (Photo Credit: Google)

Google has rolled out biking directions for both "amateurs and enthusiasts" for Germany, France, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Poland.

The biking navigations give users information on bike trails, lanes, and recommended roads.

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"I am a big tennis fan, so lets say I live in Hamburg and want to head over from my house in the suburbs to a tournament," wrote Google Maps Product Manager Kai Hansen. "I am able to grab my Android phone and ask Google Maps for the directions to the stadium. Google Maps will return a route that avoids busy streets and uses suitable bike paths."

According to Hansen, time estimates will differ based on the type of roads, terrains, and turnovers along the trip.

"I also am able to turn by turn Navigation for my bike. I just plug earphones into my phone, switch over to Navigation and let Google Maps guide me through the city - just as from the car," added Hansen.

Google is also open to new biking paths that could potentially be added to their navigation app. Hansen stated users can either click on the "Report a problem" link located at the bottom right of the maps screen or visit Google MapMaker and then add the information.

The update to Google Maps' biking navigation comes two weeks after it announced a brand new redesign to its service. The search engine organization announced the overhaul at the annual Google I/O developers conference as an effort to be "fully interactive" for the user.

New features include setting your home and work locations, select favorite places, write reviews, and share with friends. With the additions made by Google Maps users, Google will use the information to recommend places you might enjoy.

"There's so much more to discover, including smarter directions and tours generated from user-submitted photos," noted Google. "It's the biggest change we've made to Google Maps since we launched eight years ago."

Google has slowly launched the redesigned maps app, starting with attendees of the I/O then people who sign up online.

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