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Lead writer of the Mass Effect series, Mac Walters, recently opened up about the next installment of the acclaimed franchise. During a Question and Answer session with journalists after the Canadian Video Game Awards, Walters revealed that he is currently hard at work on the next game in the series, along with other unannounced Bioware projects, according to

"Right now I'm actually just working on Mass Effect 4 (I wouldn't call it 4, I'd just call it the next Mass Effect). It's coming out of Montreal,"

This means that Bioware is at least in the very early planning stages for the game, so they are not resting on their laurels as the video game landscape changes from the current gen titles to the next gen PlayStation 4 and next gen Xbox. Mass Effect 3 was met with critical and commercial success (despite a controversial end), so there is lots of pressure on the next game to continue that legacy, even with a new lead character. If Walters is working on a script now, then Bioware clearly must have a vision of where they want to take the series.

Walters may also have given fans a hint of where his mindset may be working on the new game. When asked about where he obtains inspiration for Mass Effect, he pointed to an unusual source.

"..for me personally (keep in mind that there are eight other writers that worked on Mass Effect), I don't necessarily take inspiration from scifi. The thing I love about Mass Effect is that you can tell any story. Whether it's from Downton Abbey, you can find those sort of human stories scattered throughout it...,"

Perhaps we will see some aristocratic high drama for the next game in the Mass Effect series. Either way, it will be awhile before we see the finished product, even if the game is in the writing stages now.

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