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"Deadliest Catch" just got deadlier.

Elliot Neese, star of the reality show that revolutionized modern television, is now missing. Well he's not missing in the sense that no one knows where he is, he's just nowhere to be seen in the season 9 promo of Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch." The season kicks off this Tuesday, April 16, but fans are dismayed that Neese will be left behind as the crabbing boats ships set sail for another season of thrilling Alaskan king crab fishing.

Neese's decision to leave the motley crew of the Ramblin' Rose ship did not come as a big surprise to fellow fisherman.

"In all honesty, I'm kinda not surprised Elliot isn't here this year. I haven't seen him," said Sig Hansen, captain of the Northwestern. "No owner's gonna let a guy run a boat and not produce. You're gonna lose your job."

During season 8, the rough seas and his home relationship with Valeria Gunderson, the mother of his two children, took a heavy toll on Neese, one too heavy perhaps to allow his return. In 2012, Gunderson filed for a temporary restraining order on Neese. Although fans and fisherman alike are concerned for his wellbeing, he assures us all that he and Valerie are doing just fine via Twitter.

Starbuk498: @CaptElliott - "hey Captain, when are we gonna see that sweet face of yours...I was on a cruise ship last week - did I miss Deadliest Catch?"

CaptElliott: "@Starbuk498 nope April 16th is the premier !!! Don't miss it that's an order directly from da Captain !!!!"

Jeranblackburn: "@CaptElliott Your awesome, sorry about your marriage too bad for her. Keep uo the peace."

CaptElliott: "@jeranblackburn things are great between Val and I best they have ever been :) !!"

Season 9 was shot in 2012, so if the captain does return, what does that mean about his future on the show? 2012 proved to be a difficult year for Neese, so does that mean he'll return for season 10 if he's left out of this year's season?

Maybe he will, maybe he won't. Perhaps Discovery Channel's decision to cut him from the season 9 promo is due to increased tensions between the captain and the network. He could play a lesser role in the upcoming season and then not return for the following.

As for now, we can't be sure. There has to be some reason he's emitted from the promo, but we'll catch a better idea on Tuesday upon the show's return.

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