By Francisco Salazar ( | First Posted: Mar 01, 2013 01:59 PM EST

On Feb. 28 Salvador Mejia presented Spanish actor Ivan Sanchez to the press as the antagonist in the new William Levy telenovela "La Tempestad."

Mejia stated that he believed that Sanchez had the presence and acting to skills to match and compete against Levy. He added that there are great actors in Mexico and unfortunately everyone else was busy. Mejia also added that he believes that Sanchez's inclusion could help bring the series to international audiences because of he is established in the international market.

When asked if he thought Levy was huge competition, Sanchez told the press that he was in no way going to compete with the Cuban actor and believed that the work he was about to do was a team effort. He stated that he loved his job and wanted to create a great working environment as well as a memorable and real character.

Sanchez has yet to meet his co-stars Levy and Navarrete but stated that he hoped to form a nice family on set because he believes that the only way for something to be successful is when there is a familial environment.

Sanchez recently completed work on "Imperium." He was also seen in the TV series "Hispania, La Leyenda" and in the TV movie "Way Out."

"La Tempestad" is set to start shooting next week and will shoot the locations scenes first. The production will move to Boca del Rio, Veracruz once final contracts are being signed for permits. It will then movie the Televisa studios.

"La Tempestad" will also star Jessica Coch, Diana Bracho, Cesar Evora, Alfonso Herrera, and Luis Manuel Avila. Salvador Mejia will produce the series based on the Colombian telenovela "La Tormenta" and is set to air in Mexico in May 2013 on El Canal de la Estrellas. A U.S release has not been issued.  

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