Ray Nagin

Ray Nagin, New Orlean's Former Mayor During Hurricane Katrina, Declared Guilty of Corruption: Report

On Wednesday, New Orlean's former Mayor, Ray Nagin, was found guilty by a federal court of the charges of accepting bribes, tax evasion and money laundering during his administration in 2005.
Venezuela Protests

A Death in Protests against President Maduro's Government Increases Tensions in Venezuela

Thousands of protesters of President Nicolás Maduro's government took to the streets of Venezuela's main cities, protesting the high cost of living, shortages and exorbitant insecurity levels; at least one person died, five more were injured by gunfire and immeasurable disturbances were the consequences.
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Calls Monica Lewinsky a 'Narcissistic Loony Toon'

Twelve years after the scandals that shook the White House, when the then-President of the United States, Bill Clinton, had an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, statements allegedly made by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have brought the subject back into the spotlight.

Mexico is Among the 65 Countries With a Risk of Rebellion in 2014: The Economist

The Economist released its list of countries with the most risk of suffering a rebellion during 2014, and among these nations with a high risk of social agitation is Mexico and other Latin American countries.
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and New York's Mayor Promote Early Education in Latino Children

The former Secretary of State of the US, Hillary Clinton, and New York's mayor, Bill de Blasio, joined forces to launch a public service campaign that seeks to promote early learning in children of the Latino community.
Immigration Reform

2014 Immigration Reform News: US Chamber of Commerce Insists on Reform Approval in 2014

Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce said that immigration reform is one of the main issues to solve in 2014 with society's support.
Tim Donnelly

Cuban Actress Supports Anti-Immigrant Candidate in California [Video]

Known anti-immigrant republican Tim Donnelly, who recently announced his intention to become a candidate for governor of California for the 2014 elections, published a video on Tuesday, Jan. 14 for his campaign in which he receives the support of María Conchita Alonso.

'Self-Defense' Groups in Michoacán Sign Agreement With Mexican Government to Institutionalize

Tensions between armed civilian groups which have appeared in the region of Tierra Caliente in the state of Michoacán to defend themselves from cartels, might find a solution in the coming days, after the Federal government and the leader of the autodefensas signed an agreement that would allow the vigilantes to become a part of the Army, local police or rural corps.
Dan Rivera

Daniel Rivera Will be Second Latino Mayor of Lawrence, Massachusetts

Politician Daniel Rivera will be the second Latino Mayor in one of Massachusetts' main cities from 2014 to 2018.
Downed Mexican Plane

Venezuelan Air Force Shoots Down Mexican Plane

The Ministry of Foreign Relations of Mexico (SRE) demanded that the Government of Venezuela offer a diplomatic explanation after the incident that occurred on Monday in which a private plane with a Mexican registration tag was allegedly shot down by Venezuelan Air Force units.
Hugo Chávez

Nicolás Maduro Declares That Dec. 8 Will Honor Hugo Chávez in Venezuela

Maduro: Dec. 8 to honor "legacy and example" of late Chávez
Abu Anas al-Libi

US Captures Al-Qaida Suspect, Libya Denounces Capture

An al-Qaida suspect, Abu Anas al-Libi, was captured by the U.S. over the weekend. Libya has since condemned the capture, citing unwarranted U.S. intervention.
Supreme Court Upholds Healthcare Law in Obama Triumph

More Than 8 Million Poor Americans Uninsured Under New Health Care Law

More than 8 million Americans, mostly poor blacks and low-wage workers, will be left uninsured under the new health care law due to states opting out of Medicaid expansion.
Early Voting

Justice Department to Sue North Carolina Over Voter ID Law

Justice Department sues North Carolina over the state's restrictive voter ID law
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and President Barack Obama

Brazil's President Postpones Visit to U.S. Due to NSA Spying

Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff has postponed a meeting to the U.S. to meet with President Obama over revelations of N.S.A spying in Brazil.

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