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Sony Hacker Sentenced To A Year In Prison And 1,000 Hours Of Community Service

A hacker has been sentenced to a year in prison for helping to break into the servers of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Cody Kretsinger, a member of the hacker collective LulzSec, pleaded guilty in April of 2012 to one count of conspiracy and one count of unauthorized impairment of a protect computer.
Jay-Z And Beyonce At Obama's Inauguration

Hackers Reveal Financial Info Of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Joe Biden And Nine Other Celebs

A dozen A-list celebrities and politicians have become victims of a major cyber hacking which exposed details about their financial and personal records. The list includes Jay-Z, Beyonce, Ashton Kutcher, Mel Gibson, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Hilton

Evernote Service Hacked, All Passwords Reset

Evernote Corporation is reporting that its service has been hacked, and that it will need to reset all of its 50 million users' passwords as a preventative measure.

Montana Zombie Hack Is The Latest In String Of Big Hacks In 2013, Let's Hope They Stay This Light-Hearted

An alert went out to Montana television viewers yesterday on the CW channel using the Emergency Alert System. The message told several Montana counties to be on the alert for a zombie invasion.

Bush Emails Hacked, George W. Nude Paintings Exposed

Former President George W. Bush has taken up painting since leaving the oval office and a hacker who accessed Bush family emails has exposed his works which include nude self portraits in the bathroom, The Smoking Gun reports.

Twitter Hack Attack: 250,000 Accounts Exposed by the Chinese?

At the beginning of this weekend, Twitter Inc. announced that it had been hacked, in a big way. By its estimates, about 250,000 Twitter users may have had their private information such as user names, passwords, and email addresses exposed in the cyber attack.
 Sufre New York Times “Hackeo” Tras Publicación De Nota Sobre Gobierno China

Sufre New York Times “Hackeo” Tras Publicación De Nota Sobre Gobierno China

El diario estadounidense, New York Times, informó este jueves haber sido víctima de piratas informáticos chinos, quienes han acatado su sitio web de forma insistente desde la publicación de un artículo sobre el primer ministro de China, Wen Jiabao, cuatro meses atrás.
Justice Department

Hackers Claim Attack On Justice Department Website

Hackers sympathetic to the late computer prodigy Aaron Swartz claimed on Saturday to have infiltrated the website of the U.S. Justice Department's Sentencing Commission, and said they planned to release government data.
A Palestinian firefighter gestures next to his colleagues as smoke rises out of a building that also houses international media offices, after an Israeli air strike witnessed by a Reuters journalist,

Hacker Collective "Anonymous" Launches Attacks On Israeli Websites to Protest "Barbaric, Brutal" Treatment of Palestinians

The hacker collective Anonymous has launched more than 44 million cyberattacks against websites of the Israeli government.
Flag of the group Anonymous

Hacker Group "Anonymous" Claims to Prevent Karl Rove Vote-Flipping Scheme in Ohio

A message purported to be from the hacker group Anonymous claims they foiled an attempt by Karl Rove to rig the presidential election in Ohio.

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