Inside Llewyn Davis

'Inside Llewyn Davis' Movie Review: An Existential Examination of Artistic Struggle

The Coen Brothers are legends at this point with such terrific films as "A Serious Man," "The Big Lebowski," Fargo" and "No Country for Old Men." However, "Llewyn Davis" is possibly their most powerful film in its ability to tap into the universal creative struggle of not only the artist, but every human being.
Movies Captain Phillips

'Captain Phillips' Movie Review: Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks Deliver One of the Most Visceral Film Experiences of the Year (New York Film Festival 2013)

Does Captain Phillips deliver? Absolutely. The film's final moments are among the most powerful in film this year and will probably stir some palpable emotion from audience members. Hanks and Abdi are at the top of their respective games and Greengrass delivers, arguably, the greatest film of his career.
Opera, Metropolitan Opera, Anna Netrebko

Metropolitan Opera Opening Night 2013-14 Review - 'Eugene Onegin': Fabulous Production & Cast Elevate Tchaikovsky's Operatic Masterwork

It is really hard to ask for more than what was on display at the Metropolitan Opera's opening night on Monday. The production might not have been a high concept one filled with symbolism or new plot twists, but it was rife with detail and the humanism of the original conception; the performers created a tremendous amount of depth and nuance in an unforgettable night at the opera. Regardless of whether you love opera or have very little interest in the art form, the Met's "Eugene Onegin" is a powerful experience that anyone can and should relish.

'Prisoners' Review: A Powerful Film Led by Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal's Superb Performances

Overall the film is a gripping experience that will leave audiences drained by its 153 minute running time and somber tone. However it proves that genre pieces can still be smart and thrilling. Together with his outstanding cast, Villeneuve creates powerful and engrossing film that is among the best of 2013.
Movies, Gravity

'Gravity' Movie Review: Alfonso Cuaron's Latest Masterpiece Is a Technical Revolution and Profound Reverie on Loneliness

Ultimately, "Gravity" is a tremendous work of art that is likely to push the boundaries of filmmaking technology. The amount of detail provided to the visuals, the sound design, and the acting leads to a film experience that is simply required viewing for anyone who loves the art form.

'Rush' Movie Review: Daniel Bruhl, Chris Hemsworth Give Tremendous Performances In A Complex Portrayal of the Lauda-Hunt Rivalry

"Rush" is likely to generate a tremendous amount of awards buzz and rightfully so as it is ultimately a complex portrayal of the dark sides of ambition and competition and the struggle toward redemption and self-improvement.
Movies, Getaway, Selena Gomez

'Getaway' Movie Review: The Studio System Hits New Low With Worst Movie of 2013

Many have started to prophesize the fall of the studio system including George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Some believe that the reasons for this downfall have a lot to do with the poor content being put out by said studios year after year. One would think that intelligent businessmen would look to improve their product in order to avoid said omens and keep audiences' trust, but alas that adjective "intelligent" may be too generous for the aforementioned businessmen. "Getaway" provides perfect support for these omens as it represents one of the worst films of the last decade and easily the worst of 2013.
Movies, The Grandmaster (Sent by Weinstein Company)

'The Grandmaster' Movie Review: A Sloppy and Dramatically Inert Biopic With a Strong Turn From Ziyi Zhang & an Abundance of Visual Panache and Pageantry

Lovers of martial arts cinema will undoubtedly find a great deal to admire, especially Zhang's riveting performance that gives this rather icy film a powerfully beating heart. However, the ultimate result is a sloppy cinematic experience that seems to be in search of an identity that becomes more and more elusive as it moves toward its anti-climactic finale.
Movies, The World's End (From

'The World's End' Movie Review: The Most Entertaining & Creative Film of the Summer

Ultimately, the shortcomings are little more than blemishes as the overall experience is one of pure fun. The performances are fresh, the pop culture references and jokes are in abundance, and the storytelling is masterful. "The World's End" is easily the most entertaining film of this summer.
Short Term 12

'Short Term 12' Movie Review: Destin Cretton's Second Film is A Revelation

"Short Term 12" is by far one of the best films of the year and one that is both enlightening and heartbreaking. Larson will surely be seeing a great deal of awards buzz this fall; if she doesn't she will surely be talked about and her star will shine brightly in coming years. The movie is a must see and one that will stay with audiences for a long time.
Kick-Ass 2

'Kick Ass 2' Movie Review: One of the Best Superhero Sequels In Recent Years [Plot Spoilers]

Ultimately, "Kick-Ass 2" continues to develop the fantastic world developed by Mark Millar and delves into deep themes about identity and the consequences of violence. The film is filled with hilarity and exhilaration that will surely please fans and first-time viewers alike. It might not be as ground-breaking or polished as "The Dark Knight," but it is definitely one of the better superhero sequels of this century.
Movies, We're the Millers

'We're the Millers' Movie Review: An Engrossing, Hilarious Family Comedy

Director Rawson Marshall Thurber deserves a tremendous amount of credit for keeping the film running at a steady pace for its duration. There is no single dead beat or gratuitous attempts at humor during the entire movie and it will surely thrill those who give it a try. "We're the Millers" is destined to be the surprise hit of the summer thanks to a terrific combination of cast, script, and direction.
Movies, The Spectacular Now

'The Spectacular Now' Movie Review: Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller Deliver Breakout Performances in Powerful Character Study

Awards season is not supposed to start until late September, but "The Spectacular Now" has set the bar for any other films coming out this year. Living up to its name, the film is a refreshingly glorious character study buoyed by incredible performances and intelligent directing. "The Spectacular Now" is and will continue to be one of the best films of the year and a coming-of-age tale that will endure for years to come.
Movies, denzel washington, mark wahlberg

'2 Guns' Movie Review: Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg Salvage Sloppy Thriller

"2 Guns" serves its purpose. It is trademark Hollywood testosterone-driven film that often throws logic by the wayside in favor the explosions, violence, and some touches of humor. Those looking for a mindless two hours will surely be satisfied as scenes between Washington and Wahlberg make the price of admission feel acceptable; the bank robbery is also ingeniously executed. Those looking for a top-end thriller will be disappointed by the sloppy scripting of the film's second half.
Movies, Ryan Gosling

'Only God Forgives' Movie Review: A Grotesque, Unwatchable Bore

Back in 2011, Nicholas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling gave the world "Drive," a stylish psychological thriller that captivated fans and critics alike. The duo's second offering "Only God Forgives" is the polar opposite of the first feature. Where "Drive" was exhilarating, "Only God Forgives" is dull. Where the former was filled with humanity, the latter showcases actors playing automatons.

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