Movies, Pacific Rim

'Pacific Rim' Movie Review: A Monster-Robot Movie Filled With Style But Little Substance (SPOILERS)

By no means can "Pacific Rim" be considered a bad film. While the overall treatment does feel generic, the film moves at a solid pace that feels far shorter that its two-plus hour run time. Fans of such films as "Godzilla" and "King Kong" (or anything with robots and monsters) will undoubtedly find a lot to appreciate and marvel over. However, those hoping for another ground-breaking film from the auteur may find themselves disappointed by the continued appearance of genre clichés and overall display of style over substance.

'Fruitvale Station' Movie Review: A Powerful Film With Breakout Performances From Michael B. Jordan & Melonie Diaz

Coogler's debut is a visceral portrayal of life's meaningful moments. Despite seemingly "trying too hard" in the final act, "Fruitvale Station" depicts the importance that every moment and action can have on a person's life.
Movies, The Conjuring

'The Conjuring' Movie Review: A Solid, Nerve-Wracking Paranormal Thriller

Over the last few years, the horror genre has shifted from focusing on films about torture and murder to stories about the paranormal. Despite the shift, the genre has continued to receive poor criticism from the media and has been received with tepid support from audiences. Jason Wan, coming off his financial hit "Insidious," manages to elevate the quality of the genre with his latest effort "The Conjuring."

On Site Opera Review: George Gershwin's 'Blue Monday' At Cotton Club Is A Dramatic Success

While his masterpiece "Porgy and Bess" is a modern-day favorite, George Gershwin's first opera "Blue Monday" rarely gets a chance on any stage around the world. The main reason is because the work, approximately 25 to 30 minutes in length, is too short to justify performance on its own. However, the Harlem Opera Theater overlooked this inconvenience and gave a terrific representation of this fine work for three evenings at the Cotton Club in New York City. This reporter attended the second performance on June 19.
Movies, Man of Steel

'Man of Steel' Movie Review: An Action-Packed Study Of Double Identities, Paradoxes

"Man of Steel" represents a new period in Snyder's evolution as a filmmaker. Whereas his other films are personified by overindulgence in violence or sexual fantasies, his latest effort delves deep into the conflict between an alien and his place in the two worlds he represents; it also showcases Snyder experimenting with new styles while integrating and even eliminating some of his cinematic trademarks. The pacing near the end of the film could be a bit tiring, but its strong characters, performances and serious attempts to deepen Superman's mythos and Snyder's filmmaking makes "Man of Steel" one of the best movies of the summer.
Fast & Furious 6

'Fast & Furious 6' Movie Review: Latest Vin Diesel Flick is Action Packed and Surprisingly Hilarious (Spoilers)

Those that worry that "Fast 5" left the bar too high will not be disappointed by the franchise's latest installment, "Fast and Furious 6," which opened in theaters today.
The Hangover Part 3

'The Hangover Part 3' Movie Review: The Franchise Ends On a Low Point With A Disgusting, Insulting, and Boring Finale

"I have a dumb sense of humor" utters Zach Galifianakis' Alan during "The Hangover Part 3." Sadly, that statement might be the best way to describe the final installment in the raunchy franchise.

'Epic' Movie Review: Stunning Animation and Enchanting Soundtrack Marred by Drab Storyline

'Epic' submerges viewers into the world of tiny forest people, led by Queen Tara and protected by the Leafmen, who work tirelessly against the evil forest people called the Boggans, led by Mandrake. The beautifully animated film is told by 17-year-old Mary Katherine, who returns to her childhood home to restore her relationship with her estranged father Professor Bomba after her mother's death.
Star Trek Into Darkness

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Movie Review: Despite Anticlimactic Finish, 'Into Darkness' Surpasses 2009 Reboot (PLOT SPOILERS)

As is often the case, a sequel creates a great sense of excitement and anxiety in the same measure. Fans anticipate seeing their favorite heroes embark on a new journey, but are also wondering if the tremendous artistic success of the original will reappear in the sequel. In many ways "Into Darkness" not only lives up to these expectations but exceeds them on many fronts.

Metropolitan Opera Review - 'Dialogues des Carmelites:' A Powerful Revival of Poulenc's Masterwork With Star Performances From Isabel Leonard, Felicity Palmer, Erin Morley

The theater was packed during Thursday's performance further emphasizing the interest in this "rare" work. The Met's "Dialogues des Carmélites" presentation of the work emphasized its magnificent power and continued to make a case for its insertion into the standard repertoire around the world.
The Great Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio

'The Great Gatsby' Movie Review: Style And Substance Fuse For A Solid Adaptation Of America's Great Novel

"The Great Gatsby's" opulent style will surely deter a number of viewers in the early stages, but those patient enough to sit through its bombastic opening act will find a nuanced portrayal of one of America's great novels.
Iron Man 3, Movies

'Iron Man 3' Movie Review: Tons Of Fun, But Full of Frustrating Plot Developments And Holes (PLOT SPOILERS)

Those looking for sheer escapist entertainment will find a lot to savor in "Iron Man 3." The film is far superior to "Iron Man 2" thanks to its blend of engaging comedy, inventive action sequences, and standout performances. However, those hoping to see Hollywood improve upon the solid storytelling foundation started by the first "Iron Man" will be disappointed that the mistakes of its immediate predecessor remain unlearned in this film.
MOBIUS, Movies

'Mobius' Movie Review - Tribeca Film Festival 2013: A Convoluted Spy Thriller Dominated By Its Moving Romance

"Möbius" moves at a steady pace with its powerful love story keeping its otherwise meandering spy narrative afloat. The film's spy narrative never really become comprehensible, but its delicate presentation of the romance grabs hold of the viewer and refuses to let go.
Movies, Byzantium

'Byzantium' Movie Review - Tribeca Film Festival 2013: The Vampire Film Returns To Its Former Glory

"Byzantium" is an engaging analysis of mother-daughter relationships in the world of the vampire genre. The film further elaborates on the pains and difficulties of immortality and questions whether the imprisoning state it creates makes it worthwhile. The journey its characters undertake will certainly shock and entertain the viewer during its duration, but the film's underlying themes will maintain it in the collective consciousness for far longer.
 WADJDA, Movies

'Wadjda" Movie Review (Tribeca Film Festival 2013): A Striking Portrait Of Female Oppression In The Middle East

One major cliché of Middle Eastern culture is its treatment of women; the common perception of the Middle Eastern woman is of an oppressed being covered in veils and not allowed to speak in public. Haifaa Al-Mansour's feature film debut "Wadjda" portrays the story of a young girl who seeks to break all the stereotypes in order to attain her deepest desire.

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