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The "Trumpet Jackal", a popular character from TV show "Sábado Gigante" hosted by Don Francisco revealed his identity after 20 years in anonymity.

During Telemundo's show "Suelta la Sopa", the famous "Chacal" explained how he gave life to the character that would play the trumpet during contests within Sábado Gigante.

People en Español added that this character was known by the public since 1976 and in the interview shared by Suelta la Sopa, the man affirms that host Don Francisco created the character and wanted his identity to remain a secret.

"Don Francisco was the first person interested in keeping El Chacal's identity a secret. It was a strategy to keep the name and identity a strict secret", said El Chacal, whose real name is Leonardo Núñez Guerrero.

Núñez explains that he didn't want to be recognized by people and donned a black robe he found in the dressing room, and became El Chacal.

El Chacal told Suelta la Sopa that his firing from Sábado Gigante was unexpected, but that he's not angry with the show's host, who was his boss for many years.

"Don Francisco, I have no hate, I have no hate towards you or any grudges, but I do have a great sorrow. Sábado Gigante was my life and you took it from me," said Núñez.

El Chacal caused fear and hate among contestants, but his colleagues respected and liked him for his experience, although his relationship with Don Francisco wasn't the same because his bosses showed no affection when he said goodbye.

"I expected Don Mario to stand up, shake my hand, hug me and thank me for my work (...). Even if after that he had told me I was fired, it would have mitigated the pain I felt. But him, sitting on his chair, didn't stand up, just extended his hand and said good luck," Núñez told Suelta la Sopa.

He added that he felt a great sadness when he saw how little interest Don Francisco had in saying goodbye to him, and that he walked around the studio crying over the love he had for his work as El Chacal.

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