Elvira Arellano

Immigration Reform News 2014: Elvira Arellano Crosses the Border Along With 30 People to Request Visas and Asylum in the US [Video]

Mexican activist Elvira Arellano led the fourth and last group of immigrants that comprise the campaign "Bring Them Home" which in the last week has gathered over 100 deportees to return to the United States through the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego, with the intention of asking for asylum or humanitarian visas to be able to reunite with their families.
US Border Patrol

Immigration Reform News 2014: Texas and New Mexico Congressmen Present Law to Supervise the U.S. Border Patrol

Facing repeated reports of use of excessive force by agents of the Border Patrol, legislators from both parties have joined forces to promote a law initiative which seeks stricter enforcement of accountability of Department of Homeland Security agencies, among them the Border Patrol.
Immigration Protest

Immigration Reform News 2014: National March in Favor of Immigrants in U.S. Announced; Date, Cities

A national march in favor of immigration reform in the United States was announced by a coalition of 50 pro-immigrant organizations led by the Organización Hondureña Francisco Morazán, seeking to pressure President Obama's administration and Congress to approve immigration reform this year.
Milan Piqué and Shakira

Baby Milan Plays the Drums with Shakira in Recording Studio [Video]

Since the birth of their son, Shakira and Piqué have stood out for sharing the most important moments of their new life as parents on social networks.
Angelique Boyer

Angelique Boyer Dismisses Rumors of Domestic Violence from José Alberto Castro

Through a press release, actress Angelique Boyer dismissed the rumors of domestic violence from her ex-boyfriend, producer José Alberto Castro, previously said to be the main reason for the end of the relationship.
Enrique Félix and Rose Chaidez

Four Latino Children Kidnapped from Los Angles Found in California Border [Video]

Four small Latino children who had been kidnapped from their grandmother's house in Boyle Heights, California, were found yesterday by Border Patrol agents in the border between Mexico and the United States.
Texas School

Principal Fired for Banning Talking in Spanish in Texas School [Video]

The principal of a Texas school will not be able to renew her contract, after she forbid her students to speak in Spanish during classes, according to local media.
Immigration Reform 2014

Immigration Reform News 2014: Immigrant Hunger Strike Against Deportations Extends to ICE Detainees in Texas

The hunger strike that immigrants detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) maintain as a protest against deportations in Tacoma, Washington, extended to ICE's detention center in Texas.

Immigration Reform News 2014: Senate Rejects 'Dream Act' in New York

After a surprising vote on Monday, the Senate of the state of New York rejected the Dream Act, a legislative project that would provide financial help for immigrant youths that illegally live in the country so they can go through college.
Governor Jan Brewer

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Will Not Run for a Third Term

Jan Brewer, Arizona's controversial Governor, an American state that in recent years has been harshly criticized for the approval, and eventual suspension, of a series of law initiatives against illegal immigrants and the LGBT community will not be running for a third term, local media reported.
Dolores Lara

Immigration Reform News 2014: Immigrant Father is Deported to Mexico After Attempting to Return to the U.S.

Four days after a group of 30 undocumented immigrants tried to cross the Mexico-US border through a bridge in San Diego, the daughter of one of the immigrants confirmed that her father was deported to Mexico last Tuesday.
El Recodo

New Video from Banda El Recodo: 'Consecuencia de mis Actos'

The emblematic Mexican band, "La Banda El Recodo de Don Luis Lizárraga" premiered on Thursday the video for their new single "Consecuencia de mis Actos", a song which has garnered success on American radio since late February.
Diego Luna

Eiza González and Diego Luna Celebrate the Premiere of New Film 'César Chávez' Together

Actress Eiza González and director and actor Diego Luna were seen celebrating together at a party after the premiere of Luna's new movie, "César Chávez".
US Border Patrol

Border Patrol Agent Suspected of Kidnapping and Raping Undocumented Immigrants is Found Dead in Texas

A US Border Patrol agent was found dead inside his home, located in southern Texas, responsible for kidnapping and raping three women who had illegally entered the country, authorities reported on Thursday.

Immigration Reform News 2014: Second Group of Deported Immigrants Seeks to Return to California

Dozens of young immigrants entered the United States on Thursday through the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, hoping to get humanitarian visas or asylum which might allow them to reunite with their families.

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