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U.S. Border Patrol Houses Unaccompanied Minors In Detention Center

Here‘s why detainees at immigration detention centers across the U.S. are starting hunger strikes

Common themes amoung four immigration detention centers who held hunger strikes over the last month were poor medical conditions, inedible foods, and disregards for detainees' concerns.
ICE Detention Facility Detains And Deports Undocumented Aliens

Undocumented women at immigration detention center on hunger strike, personal letters say they are ‘treated like dogs’

Handwritten letters detailed indedible foods, harsh treatment, and lack of security as reasons for detainees to protest their living conditions.
California Central Valley Farming Communities Struggle With Drought

Immigration reform news 2015 – Struggling U.S. farmers are paying Mexican laborers up to $17 an hour

Increased border security and the 2008 recession led many Hispanic laborers to leave farm jobs, leaving farmers struggling to make ends meet.
US Election 2014

Immigration reform 2015 news – Study finds Latino voters in Texas were discouraged from voting despite carrying valid ID

A study found that 12.8 percent of minority Texas voters didn't think they had proper voting ID, yet further inquiries found this number to be significantly lower.
Jeb Bush Announces Candidacy For President

Immigration reform news 2015 –Jeb Bush tells Telemundo he would create pathway to legal status although with conditions

The Republican presidential candidate, who staunchly opposes granting citizenship to undocumented immigrants, said he would ensure some 11 million people recieved legal status if he were elected president.
Border Patrol

Mexican Migration to U.S. Down 57 percent

University demographers found a weak U.S. construction job market to be one of many reasons immigrants aren't crossing the border in record numbers anymore.

Immigration reform news 2015 - U.S. Digital team uses technology to speed up citizenship process

The newly formed U.S. Digital Service team released recommendations this week that would streamline a slow-moving immigration process.
Vigil Held In South Florida In Favor Of Administrative Relief For Immigrants

Immigration Reform 2015 - News: Sen. John McCain introduces bill enforcing the deportation of undocumented immigrants arrested of a crime

The Criminal Alien Deportation Act would allow the Department of Homeland Security to deport arrested undocumented immigrants before their case reaches a judge.
Immigration Activists Demonstrate For Reform Outside Of Sen. Rubio's Office

Immigration reform news 2015 - Obama administration scaling back on deportations, ICE told to only target threats

Policies enacted in January target undocumented immigrants who are either convicted criminals, terrorist threats, or have no history in the United States after January 2014.
Immigration Activists Demonstrate For Reform Outside Of Sen. Rubio's Office

Immigration reform news 2015 – Obama’s policies generated $422 million in DACA application fees

Undocumented children paying the $465 DACA application fee have contributed over $400 million in revenue for the U.S. economy since the Deferred Action program took effect.
Immigration reform

Immigration Reform News – California Senate OKs Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants

Senate Bill 4 aims to cover millions of undocumented immigrants in California who would otherwise be vunerable under the Affordable Care Act.
ICE Detention Facility Detains And Deports Undocumented Aliens

Immigration reform news – Democrats urge DHS to end ‘jail-like’ family detention centers

A letter signed by Democratic lawmakers cites reports of physical violence and sexual misconduct in immigration centers, despite a recent Department of Homeland investigation finding no evidence of foul play.
Immigration Activists Demonstrate For Reform Outside Of Sen. Rubio's Office

Immigration Reform 2015 News – Protests Held on Day Parents Could Have Applied for Deportation Relief

Rallies stretched from Los Angeles to New York City on Tuesday as pro-immigration reform protestors marched in support of DAPA, President Obama's executive action that would have taken effect May 19.

Immigration Reform News Update – Mexican Girl Mistakenly Sent to U.S. Returns, Judge Unapologetic [Video]

Alondra Luna Nunez was mistakenly sent to the United States after a Mexican judge discredited evidence presented by her biological parents.
Reforma Migratoria

Texas Judge Keeps Injunction on Obama’s Executive Action, Threatens DOJ with Sanctions

The Department of Justice has asked the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to look over Presiden't Obamas immigration reform order, which would shiled millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation.

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