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Caution Illegal Immigrant Crossing

Caution Illegal Immigrant Crossing (Cartoon)

Titulo: Caution Illegal Immigrant Crossing Autor: Mónica Carmona técnica: Acuarela sobre Papel
President Obama

Immigration Reform 2013 News: President Obama Looks to Push for Vote on Immigration Bill Post-Fiscal Crisis

Even with the nation still gripped in a fiscal crisis with Congress still arguing over the debt ceiling, President Obama told the nation Tuesday that he would push for a vote on immigration reform.
Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform 2013 News: 8 Democratic Lawmakers Arrested at Rally in Washington; White House Commends Their Actions

In an attempt to pressure Republicans in congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform, eight Democratic lawmakers joined advocacy leaders and were arrested at an immigration rally on the National Mall in Washington on Tuesday .
2013 Immigration Reform Protesters

Immigration Reform 2013 News: New House Bill Proposed by Democrats Draws Criticism, Praise

Although the immigration reform bill presented by Democrats on Wednesday has received some criticism, it is mainly being praised for providing the 11 million undocumented workers currently living in the U.S with a pathway to legal status.
2013 Immigration Reform Protesters

Immigration Reform 2013 News: Catholic Colleges, Moderate Republicans Push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Immigration reform advocates across the country are preparing to hit the streets in a nationwide protest calling for immigration reform on Oct. 5. Among those pushing for reform are Catholic colleges like the University of San Diego which kicked off a campaign for immigration reform on Wednesday.
USCIS immigration

Immigrant Death Toll Rises as Immigrants Cross Border Through Parts of Texas

The number of perished immigrants is rising due to more Central American immigrants taking sparely populated, unknown routes through parts of Texas instead of well-known Arizonan routes.
Reince Priebus

Immigration Reform 2013 News: GOP Chairman Condemns Steve King, Mitt Romney For Remarks on Immigration, Latinos

In a possible sign of a shift in attitude for Republicans on the controversial subject of immigration reform, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus this week offered public rebukes on controversial remarks regarding immigrants made by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, and former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
Obama To Talk Syria Before Nation

Immigration Reform 2013 News: President Obama To Visit Spanish Networks Univision, Telemundo To Talk Reform Bill

President Obama will be visiting several major Spanish-speaking networks this week as he attempts to garner more public support while the House mulls over the Senate's immigration reform proposal on the table.
Obama Calls For House to Pass Immigration Package After House GOP Balks On Bill

Immigration Reform 2013 News: Obama Calls For Bill's Passage Days After GOP House Balks On It (Video)

Days after the Republican body of the House of Representatives stated that they would not support the highly-debated immigration reform bill, President Obama once more took to the airwaves in his weekly radio address to call for the House to pass the bill into law.
The Gang of Eight

Immigration Reform News 2013: President Obama, Organizations Across U.S. Applaud Passage Of Reform Bill

Proponents of immigration reform celebrated a historic victory on Thursday when the Senate successfully passed a comprehensive reform bill by a clear majority. Groups and organizations representing people from all walks of life, all across the country, are speaking out and voicing their approval and support for the legislation.
Border Crossing

Simulated Border Crossing Attraction, Meant To Discourage Illegal Immigration, Offered in Mexican Amusement Park

About 800 miles south of the Mexican-American border, in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo, is a new amusement park attraction that allows visitors to experience a fake illegal border crossing.
Obama Pushes For Immigration Reform In Weekly Address Leading to Senate Vote

Immigration Reform 2013 News: House Poses Obstacles, But President Obama Calls For Reform In Weekly Address (Watch Video)

Apparently undaunted by the perilous road ahead in the U.S. House of Representatives on the pending immigration reform bill, President Obama in his weekly radio address called for Congress to pass the bill, declaring that "the time for excuses is over."
Chris Simcox, at Work

Chris Simcox, National Spokesman for Civilian Border Security, Arrested on Child Molestation Charges

Chris Simcox, staunch activist against illegal immigration, was arrested and charged with child molestation in Phoenix in Wednesday for sexually abusing three girls under ten.
Casting a Vote

Immigration Reform 2013 News: Supreme Court Upholds Immigrant Rights In Arizona Case

The Supreme Court struck down an Arizona law on Monday that would have required Arizonans to provide proof of citizenship when registering to vote.
John Boehner, Marco Rubio Meet To Discuss Immigration Reform Bill

Immigration Reform News 2013: Top Republicans Marco Rubio, John Boehner, Meet To Talk Bill; President Obama Celebrates Anniversary of Deferred Action Act

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush argued for immigration reform, stating that more legal immigration would add to the American workforce and create more revenues from payroll taxes.

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