Budget Cuts

Government Shutdown Puts Food Safety at Risk

The government shutdown has furloughed many food inspectors at government agencies, which puts food safety at risk.

Sequester Deadline Nears, Obama Visits Virginia to Pressure GOP to Avoid $85 Billion in Cuts

With the sequester deadline only four days away, President Obama will be visiting Virginia on Tuesday to pressure Republicans to strike a compromise that would prevent the automatic $85 billion cut in federal spending that White House officials say will have severe consequences to everyday Americans.
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron speaks during a news conference at the end of an European Union leaders summit meeting to discuss the European Union's long-term budget in Brussels

EU Budget Deal Reached, First Budget Cuts in 56 Years

European Union leaders agreed to budget cuts over the next seven years, after being prodded toward further austerity measures by British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Bill Nye

Bill Nye Urges Lawmakers to 'Restore Funding' to NASA, Warns of the Alternative

In light of the America's financial crisis, the famous science spokesman Bill Nye urges lawmakers to continually invest in NASA.

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