Jessica Michele Herring

Miss Universe 2013 Contestants, Predictions, Dates, News: Who is Miss Dominican Republic Yartiza Reyes?

Miss Universe contestant Yaritza Reyes is representing her native country, the Dominican Republic.
Avonte Oquendo

Avonte Oquendo Search Headquarters Moved as Search for Missing Autistic Teen Continues

The headquarters for the search effort for Avonte Oquendo has moved. The search effort continues after it was confirmed that a boy who resembled Avonte in a photo is not the missing teen.
Homeland Security

Homeland Security Employees Reportedly Abused Overtime Pay, According to Whistle-Blower

A new report by the Office of Special Counsel alleges that Department of Homeland Security staff abused overtime pay by not working during overtime hours.
Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform 2013 News: Everything You Missed This Week From Lobbying to New Republican Support

As lobbying for immigration reform intensified this week, three House Republicans signed onto the House Democrats' immigration reform bill.

'Revenge' Season 3, Episode 6 Spoilers: Will Emily's Confidantes Turn on Her? [Video]

On the upcoming episode of 'Revenge,' Emily's most trusted friends may turn their backs on her.
The Mentalist

'The Mentalist' Season 6 Episode 6 Spoilers: Jane Rounds Up Remaining Red John Suspects [Video]

On the next episode of 'The Mentalist,' Patrick Jane will gather together the remaining Red John suspects.
Chicago Fire

'Chicago Fire' Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers: Boden and McLeod Clash, Mills Makes a Decision [Video]

On the next 'Chicago Fire,' Severide will attempt a tricky rescue, Boden and McLeod will clash about the future of the firehouse and Mills will make a decision.
Drug Smuggling Tunnel, California

Sophisticated Drug Tunnel With Rail System Found on US-Mexico Border

A major tunnel used for drug smuggling was discovered along the border of California and Mexico.
Food Stamps

Food Stamp Cuts Take Effect, Over 47 Million Needy Americans Affected

Cuts to the food stamp program take effect Nov. 1, which will adversely affect almost 48 million Americans.
Woman raped outside NYU building

Woman Beaten, Raped Outside NYU's Catholic Center

A woman was beaten and raped outside an NYU building early Thursday morning.
Poster for Avonte Oquendo

Subway Rider in Photo is Not Missing Autistic Teen Avonte Oquendo, NYPD Says

The teenage boy photographed on the subway who resembled Avonte Oquendo is not Avonte, police confirmed.
Once Upon a Time

'Once Upon a Time' Season 3 Spoilers: Snow Meets Ariel, The Gang Tries to Save Neal [Video]

On the next episode of 'Once Upon a Time,' Ariel will make her debut and the team will try to save Neal from Pan's clutches.
The Good Wife

'The Good Wife' Season 5 Spoilers: Fight Between Lockhart Gardner and Florrick Agos Begins [Video]

On the next episode of 'The Good Wife,' Alicia and Cary will try to represent their client while fighting Lockhart Gardner.
President Obama

President Obama's Approval Rating Reaches All-Time Low

President Obama's job approval rating has fallen to its lowest point since he took office.
Grey's Anatomy

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 10 Spoilers: Meredith Disses Cristina, Team Encounters 'Zombies' [Video]

On tonight's Halloween episode of 'Grey's Anatomy,' Meredith disses Cristina, Derek collaborates with Ben and the surgeons encounter spooky patients.

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