NBA Finals 2013 - Top Plays of Championship Series Between San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat (Video Highlights)

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First Posted: Jun 20, 2013 02:49 PM EDT

We are just hours away before the finale of what has been a classic NBA Championship series between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. After 233 days of hoops, 2,544 games played and 257,220 points scored throughout the season, it all comes to one deciding match.

But before we get too much overwhelmed by the excitement surrounding tonight's Game 7, it's just fitting to relieve the plays that changed the course of the series. From Tony Parker's clutch jumper in the opener to Ray Allen's game-tying trey, here are the top plays of the 2013 NBA Finals.

6. Tiago Got 'Splittered' By James - As the Heat's lead kept on growing in Game 2, LeBron James wanted to put an exclamation point on their blowout win over the Spurs. Apparently, the King always got what he wanted. Tiago Splitter, the third-year forward from Brazil, tried to make on the headlines by attempting to dunk on James. Unfortunately for Splitter, it all backfired as his dunk attempt denied emphatically by James.

5. Spurs Bombers on Display - Gary Neal and Danny Green combined for 13 of a Finals record-breaking 16 three pointers to lead the Spurs to a 113-77 victory in Game 3. Neal opened things up with a barrage of three-point bombs in the first half, while Green finished it off with another wave of onslaught to embarrass the James and company in Texas. Green went on to shatter Ray Allen’s NBA Finals record for most three-point field goals made, while Neal suddenly became quiet for the rest of the series as the Heat began to keep the space tight for the Spurs shooter. Nevertheless, the performance of Neal and Green in Game 2 is noteworthy enough to be included in the list.

 4. D-Wade Doing The Euro in Alamo - After playing passive in the first three games of the series, Dwyane Wade erupted for 32 points on 14-for-25 shooting to help the Heat level the series at 2-2. Wade, who's the master of the side-stepping move, pulled off his signature Euro step to blow by his guard and put it straight to the hoop. That proved to be the defining moment of a game dominated by Miami's Big 3.

3. Tony Parker's clutch jumper in opener - Tony Parker has been amazing for the entire FInals series, doing all possible things he can to lift the Spurs from adversity despite nursing a slight hamstring strain. In Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Parker came through with his now-famous circus shot over James to beat the shot-clock buzzer and give the Spurs a stunning 92-88 win at American Airlines Arena.

2. Ginobili Wakes Up - Manu Ginobili woke up from deep slumber in Game 5 to give the Spurs a 3-2 advantage in the series. Ginobili racked up 24 points and 10 assists in an all-around performance that put Miami's championship in complete jeopardy, until....

1. Heat's Ray of Light - While everything looked dire in the last 28 seconds of Game 6, the Heat miraculously climbed out of the hole and sent the game into overtime thanks to Ray Allen's game-tying trey from the corner. Allen's big shot was just enough for the Heat, who went on to force a decider tonight.

For sure, tonight's battle will be a factory of highlight plays. But one thing is certain here - this year's championship battle is one of the best the NBA has ever had. Let's enjoy it until it lasts.

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