hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia Has Arrived To Mexican Territory

Hurricane Patricia Has Arrived To Mexican Territory
FIVB Puerto Vallarta Open - Day 6

Americans are flocking to retire in Mexico, and here’s why

Tracking how many U.S. citizens live outside the State is difficult, but the numbers appear to be rising in Mexico thanks to a lower cost of living and the familiarity of Spanish customs.
Hurricane Patricia about to hit Mexico

Hurricane Patricia, Strongest Storm in History is About to Hit Mexican Coasts

Hurricane Patricia, Strongest Storm in History is About to Hit Mexican Coasts

Masked Man With Samurai Kills 2 in Swedish School

A school in Trollhattan, Sweden became host to a shocking attack Thursday that left 2 dead and a number of people injured.
Madame Tussauds Berlin Presents New Star Wars Wax Figures

Darth Vader Masked Man with Sword in Hand Kills One Student and Teacher in Sweden

A sword-wielding masked-man killed one student, one teacher, and injured two others Thursday morning at a high school in Trollhattan, Sweden. The man donning a Darth Vader mask was fatally shot by police, officials reported.
Passenger and Crew Deliver Baby on Flight

Woman Who Gave Birth Mid-Flight Deported To Taiwan, Held Responsible for Detour Fees, Baby Being Held By U.S. Border Patrol?

A Taiwanese mother who gave birth in the middle of a flight en-route to Los Angeles from Taiwan is now finding herself in some major trouble. According to Mashable, U.S. border patrol has seized her child and deported the woman who goes by the surname Jian. To boot she may be facing some heavy charges for the in-flight fiasco.
Mysterious floating city in China

Enormous Mysterious City Seen Floating in the Sky Over China

A highly-unusual sighting of what appeared to be a gigantic city among the clouds hovering over the cities of Foshan and Jiangxi, regions of China, was reportedly captured in a video.
Youtube logo

2015's Highest-Paid YouTube Stars

Here are some of the YouTube stars who made it to Forbes' World's highest-paid in 2015.
MotoGp of Argentina - Previews People:Alessandro Tonucci, Andrea Migno, Romano Fenati

Spanish Police Make 81 Arrests in Child Pornography Operation

Spanish police have made some serious moves to crackdown on child pornography. On Saturday the Spanish authorities arrested 79 men and two children. Police advised two men were also mentally disabled.

Twitter users compare El Chapo to Pablo Escobar and James Bond after suffering injuries evading police

News of El Chapo's face and leg injuries following his escape from Mexican police has some social media users wondering whether he'll still make for a good Halloween costume.
In VItro Fertilization (IVF)

A Single Photo of a Baby Surrounded by Syringes Inspires Parents to Share IVF Therapy Experiences

Viral photo of a baby, surrounded by syringes forming a heart shape, captures the joys and the pains of IVF therapy.
Passenger and Crew Deliver Baby on Flight

Passenger and Crew Deliver a Baby Girl on Los Angeles-Bound Flight

Is there a doctor in the house? Luckily there was for a woman who went in to labor flying from China to Los Angeles.
Old man in hospice care

Study Says UK is the Best Place to Die, India the Worst

A new report showed a list of the best countries in terms of hospice and palliative care.
Brazilian Homeless Man Fights Gunman

Homeless Man Saves Woman From Gunman, Then Loses Life in Process

This homeless man in Brazil braved a gunman to set a hostage free about a month ago and is now being praised as a local hero in his country. The heroic, yet tragic end to the hostage situation was captured by local televisions stations.
Flooding in South Carolina, Hurricane Joaquin

South Carolina Flooding: See Devastating Photos, Caskets Rising From The Grave [GALLERY]

Hurricane Joaquin has wrecked part of South Carolina with over 2 feet of flooding. In photos captured by those in the wake of the disastrous weather conditions, residents are seen boating through neighborhoods, cars are almost completely submerged, while a more cryptic image has come to light - caskets unearthed from cemeteries.

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