La Muneca

Take a Peek Into the Lavish Lifestyle of "La Muñeca" and Other Drug Cartel Members [GALLERY]

Earlier this week the World's Hottest Drug Lord, as Maxim would have it, was captured in Mexico. The gorgeous cocaine smuggler also goes by "La Muñeca," which means "The Doll," when she is not using her government name, Ana Marie Hernandez.
ICE Detention Facility Detains And Deports Undocumented Aliens

Undocumented women at immigration detention center on hunger strike, personal letters say they are ‘treated like dogs’

Handwritten letters detailed indedible foods, harsh treatment, and lack of security as reasons for detainees to protest their living conditions.

After Over 3 Decades, China Finally Scraps One-Child Policy

China will soon allow couples to have two children.
Atacama Desert

'Driest Place on Earth' Turns Into a Massive Bed of Pink Flowers After Torrential Rain

The Atacama Desert in Chile, also dubbed the “driest place on Earth,” has turned into a beautiful place full of pink flowers due to a record-breaking amount of rainfall in the past year
La Muneca, Ana Marie Hernandez

A Gorgeous High-Ranking Member of El Chapo's Network Known as 'The Doll' Has Been Captured by Mexican Authorities

Sometimes a woman is sent to do a man's job and looks like drug kingpin El Chapo was living by these very words, as one of the top members of his cartel is Ana Marie Hernandez.
Powerful Earthquake Strikes Northern Afghanistan

7.5-Magnitude Quake Jolts Afghanistan; More Than 200 People Dead

On top of its war woes, Afghanistan and Pakistan have to deal with the aftermath of a deadly 7.5-magnitude earthquake that shook both countries, as well as parts of India, Monday afternoon. The death toll has already risen above 300.
Greece Holds Second National Election This Year

Latin America Presidential Elections 2015 Update: These are the Latest Results for Guatemala, Argentina, and Colombia Elections

Governmental elections across Latin America are underway. Although some countries like Guatemala seem to have a clear presidential winner, others are heading into second round run-offs.
Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia Forecast, Update, Maps & Aftermath: Why Strongest Storm Wasn't as Damaging as Expected

No casualties related to the strongest hurricane on record that slammed Mexico's Pacific coast were reported.
NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Sends back Pictures Of Vesta Asteroid

Halloween Asteroid Larger Than the Empire State Building to Pass the Earth: Here's How You Can See It!

The celestial body measures 1,300 feet and will actually travel very close to the planet.
Date Of The Dead

Creative Group Halloween Costumes for You and Your Girl Friends

When you and your friends would want to scare them all to death...
Global Warming Imapcts On Australian Antarctic Territory

Global Warming Will Make Everthing Expensive

According to recent research, minor increases in average temperatures associated with climate change can lead to a big effects to the GDP.
Hurricane Patricia Slams Into Mexico's Pacific Coast

Hurricane Patricia Maps, Facts, Damage & Aftermath [PHOTOS]

Devastating hurricane Patricia displaces 6,333 people into shelters. Fifty six municipalities are reported to be affected by its wrath.
Hurricane Patricia Seen From Space

Hurricane Patricia Texas Forecast: Heavy Rains Expected; Flooding Risks Raised

Texas affected by "Back Door Storm" as Hurricane Patricia intensifies.
Hurricane Patricia about to hit Mexico

Hurricane Patricia U.S. forecast – Texas on flood alert, heavy rain expected in Louisiana and Arkansas [UPDATE]

After struggled through repeated storm systems, Texas is preparing to flooding and heavy rains Hurricane Patricia may bring over the weekend.
Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia live stream & tracker – Watch the strongest hurricane ever recorded as it first hits Mexico

The strongest hurricane ever record in the southeast Pacific Ocean landed near Manzanillo, Mexico late Friday, leaving residents searching for shelter.

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