Windows 8
iPad Air 2

iPad Pro to Have a Split Screen Feature?

The rumored iPad Pro is said to have a split screen feature. Get the details here!
Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Release Date & News: Features, Pricing & Download Info

Microsoft skips the Windows 9 moniker and launches directly into Window 10.

Windows 9 Release Date on September 30; Features Not Different from Windows 8?

Back in January this year, it was reported that Windows 9 will be expected to arrive in April 2015, which is less than a year from now.
Guests are silhouetted at the launch event of Windows 8 operating system in New York, October 25, 2012

OS X Mavericks Review: Apple Inc. (AAPL) Desktop Operating System Usage Grows in November, No Match for Microsoft Windows

Apple's latest desktop operating system has made its presence among rival computer platforms based on new market share data.
desktop windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Usage Up While Virus-Prone Windows XP Drops Ahead of April Virus Doomsday

Making the Windows 8.1 update has proven to be a good move for Microsoft. And, with the exception of gamers too impatient to wait for an update to fix a compatibility issue, upgrading to Windows 8.1 has proven to be a good move for Windows users.
Xbox One

Xbox One News: Before Release Date Microsoft Reveals Dashboard Video for Games, Apps

With the Xbox One set for release on Nov. 22, Microsoft recently previewed the console's revamped dashboard in a new video posted to the company's Meet Xbox One website.
windows 8.1 search

Xbox One News: Before Release Date Conflicting Reports Emerge About Windows 8 Apps, Games on Console

The Xbox One will not run all Windows 8 apps like some reports suggest according to Microsoft.
Xbox One

Xbox One News: Windows Executive Suggests Windows 8 Apps May Appear On Next-Gen Console

One Microsoft exec believes Windows 8 apps will be appearing on the Xbox One eventually.
3d printing

Windows 8.1 Update To Support 3D Printing

Microsoft unveiled the first update to their Windows 8 operating system - the Windows 8.1 "Blue." The update boasts of several new features and tweaks based on the original version of the OS.
Samsung ATIV Q

Samsung's New ATIV Tablets: TAB 3 is the Thinnest, Q the Most Interesting

On Thursday, Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled a new lineup of tablets to add to their gadget offerings. Both are Windows 8 tablets, both incredibly thin, and one of them is Samsung's latest entry in the category of electronics that are increasingly closing the gap between portable computers and mobile computing.
Asus Transformer Book Trio

Asus Transformer Book Trio: Android and Windows on a 3-Way PC

Asus has announced a new Tranformer laptop at Computex 2013 that can transform from laptop to tablet depending on your needs. This, in itself, is not such a departure from devices, like those from Asus, which are already on the market. But there’s a twist. With a touch of a button, the new Transformer Book Trio will instantly switch between Windows 8 and Android Jelly Bean operating systems.
Steve Ballmer with windows 8

Windows 8 Start Menu Update: 8.1 Upgrade Will Not Feature It But Does Have A "Start Button" and Other Improvements

Windows 8.1, previously codenamed "Windows Blue" is the much anticipated upgrade to Window 8, the Microsoft Windows operating system for PCs, desktops, and tablets like the Surface Pro. The new operating system is expected to bring a lot of little improvements, and one big one: the "Start" button that people have been waiting for is back. But there's a twist - the button doesn't bring up the old familiar "Start" menu that Windows devotees may want.
Guests are silhouetted at the launch event of Windows 8 operating system in New York, October 25, 2012

Windows 8.1 Release Date Unconfirmed: Microsoft Says It Will Be a Free Update, Test Version Due in June

Microsoft has now admitted its upcoming “Blue” operating system is really Windows 8.1, and the first large-scale update for its flagship OS will be free.
Surface Tablet

Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet Sales: Three Million Windows 8, RT Tablets Sold During First Quarter of 2013

The first three business months of 2013 saw Microsoft acquire 7.5 percent of the tablet market, and sales figures of their tablets have been outlined.
Guests are silhouetted at the launch event of Windows 8 operating system in New York, October 25, 2012

Windows 8 Tablet Lineup To Expand With Surface Mini, Budget Models, Microsoft CFO Says

Microsoft has confirmed it will be entering the smaller tablet market.

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