President Of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro Meets With United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

Nicolas Maduro Declares 60-Day Economic Emergency in Venezuela

The Venezuelan economy contracted by 4.5% from January to September of 2015.
World Leaders Address The UN General Assmebly

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro Gets Criticized on Live TV

Venezuela Head of Congress Henry Ramos expressed critique of President Nicolas Maduro on live television.

Nephews of Venezuela's First Lady Cilia Flores Arrested for Drug Trafficking

Franqui Francisco Flores-de Freitas and Efrain Antonio Campo-Flores, nephews of Venezuelan first lady Cilia Flores were arrested and flown to New York.
Brazil v Paraguay: Quarter Final - 2015 Copa America Chile

Brazil vs Venezuela World Cup 2018 Qualifying Preview, TV Schedule, Live Stream

Brazil welcome Venezuela in the hope of kick-starting their World Cup Qualifying campaign.
How Long Does It Take to Buy 8 Basic Goods in Venezuela?

How Long Does It Take to Buy 8 Basic Goods in Venezuela?

How Long Does It Take to Buy 8 Basic Goods in Venezuela?

Top 10 Happiest Countries Are in Latin America

In line with the 3rd United Nation's Annual International Day of Happiness, Gallup researchers have released the Gallup Positive Experience Index 014 survey results, hailing Latin American countries as the top 10 happiest countries in the world, Live Science reported.
United Nations Hosts World Leaders For Annual General Assembly

Latin Americans Siding Nicolas Maduro

Maduro released a statement revealing that he may travel to Washington to challenge Obama on the legality of the decree.
Nairobi Pinto

Venezuela News: Globovisión Journalist Nairobi Pinto Kidnapped for Political Reasons, Says Activist

Venezuelan journalist Nairobi Pinto is still missing and her kidnapping might be related to political interests, according to student leader Gaby Arellano.
María Gabriela Isler

2013 Miss Universe María Gabriela Isler Expresses Disagreement With Venezuelan Government On Twitter

2013's Miss Universe tweeted about her distaste with the government of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, expressing her discontent with the state of her country and criticizing Chávez' policies.
Venezuela Protests

Pope Francis Asks for the End of Violence in Venezuela, Asks Government to Dialogue in Peace

Pope Francis made a call to the government of Venezuela to end the violence which has increased in recent days against protesters who have invaded the streets of the country's main cities, asking that the government maintain peace dialogues with the opposition.
Nicolás Maduro

Nicolás Maduro Challenges The Opposition To Gather Signatures To Revoke His Term In 2016

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said on Tuesday, October 29 that he is ready to face his political rivals in a revoking referendum of his term in 2016 and asked his followers to abandon "internal wars" to focus on December's elections.
Venezuela Protests

U.S. Expels Three Venezuelan Diplomats as a Reprisal for Maduro's Accusations

On Tuesday, the government of the United States of America ordered the expulsion of three Venezuelan diplomats after Venezuela's President, Nicolás Maduro, ordered the expulsion of three American consuls from Caracas last week.
Venezuela Protests

Venezuela Protests Update: Brother of Maduro Sympathizer Dies During Protest. Protests Reach Mérida and San Cristóbal

The anti-government protests and the official demonstrations in favor of President Nicolás Maduro's government once more filled the streets of Venezuela's main cities on Thursday, showing a divided Venezuela, wrapped in a wave of violence that has killed six people and left dozens injured.
Venezuela Protests

Venezuela Protests Update: Nicolás Maduro Threatens to Expel CNN for Their Coverage of the Protests in Venezuela

President Nicolás Maduro threatened to expel CNN from Venezuelan soil if it doesn't comply to "ratify" the information it has broadcast regarding the wave of political protests in the country.
Venezuela Protests

Venezuela Protests Update: Beauty Queen Génesis Carmona Dies of Bullet Wound During Protests. Leopoldo López Sends Message to Opposition [Video]

The protests in Venezuela against the government of President Nicolás Maduro continue on Wednesday, increasing in intensity after news broke out about the death of a young marketing student and beauty queen, Génesis Carmona, who was interned at a hospital on Tuesday night because she was shot in the head.

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