U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Government Shutdown Puts Food Safety at Risk

The government shutdown has furloughed many food inspectors at government agencies, which puts food safety at risk.
CDC FLU Vaccines

Flu Epidemic 2013 Symptoms: Widespread Reports in 47 States; Carbon Monoxide & Influenza Symptoms Similar

Flu season could be reaching its peak, but it doesn't mean its gone for good.
CDC FLU Vaccines

Flu Epidemic 2013 Update: Influenza Season to Peak in January or February; How to Prepare for the Flu

With the latest flu season already considered an epidemic, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has in place methods on what people should due during this time.

Contaminated Steroid Sparks Sneaky Spinal Infections, Signals Round Two of National Meningitis Outbreak

The National Meningitis Outbreak which infected 620 people in 19 states and took 39 lives continues to afflict Americans to this day, but has taken the form of a newly recognized spinal infection,

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