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Facebook Announces New Launcher Service For Android Phones

Are You Dependent on Facebook? Find Out Here!

A new research highlighted the reasons why people use Facebook, reflecting their level of dependency to the social networking site.
Facebook Annouces A New Product

Study: Teens Use Secret Hashtags to Share Dangerous Behaviors

A new study revealed that teens are posting and promoting their dangerous and harmful behaviors on Instagram with the use of secret hashtags, making it more difficult for parents to monitor.
Stephanie Hernandez and Rafael Gonzalez

Snapchat Story Shows Disturbing Posts Before Woman's Murder

The social app Snapchat is known allowing its users to share scandalous videos and pictures to their followers. The best part is the evidence only lasts for 24 hours on a device. But what happens when a woman's snaps reveals she may have been with her assailant just hours before she wound up dead?

Social Media Pressure May Cause Anxiety, Depression on Teens -- Study

A new study reveals the devastating effects of social media on the mental health of teenagers.
A Super Mom

5 Tips in Hunting for Online Jobs for Moms at Home

How can a work from home mom avoid the lure of cyber criminals? Here are some tips.
Rob Kardashian at the 2012 Miss USA Competition

'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' News Update 2015: Rob Kardashian Is Back on Social Media, Posts Shirtless Photo

After months of hiding out from the public and fans, Rob Kardashian emerges on social media, shirtless.
Torbal Lab Researchers

Nobel Laureate Creates a Social Media Stir Attacking Female Researchers’ Positions in the Sciences

After some poorly-worded opinions of one biochemist this week, the science community is up in arms again discussing the gender inequality present in STEM programs. And after major backlash following the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea, the guest speaker and former Nobel laureate Tim Hunt has resigned from his position at University College London.

This Woman Used Facebook to Start a Business, Now She Sponsors Celebrities

25-year-old entrepreneur shares her success story, plus tips on how to become your very own boss.
Donut Selfie: Possibly The Next Big Social Media Trend

Donut Selfie: Possibly The Next Big Social Media Trend

Donut Selfie: Possibly The Next Big Social Media Trend

Twitter Removes Hashtags and @ -- Why?

In what seemed to be an unexpected development, Twitter head of news Vivian Schiller announced during a Newspaper Association of America event in Denver that the company will be phasing out its replies and hashtags system.

For Snapchat, Pride Goeth Before the Hack - And After

Snapchat says it is adding new user privacy features after a holiday hack last week, when hackers exposed the private information of about 4.6 million Snapchat users. The young social media company also said it would beef up internal security to make it more difficult to get at account information, but noticeably offered no apologies.
This cat has more than a hundred thousand followers on social media sites.

Social Media Saturday: Facebook Joins S&P 500, Vine's Vanity URLs, and Year-End Highlight Reels

This week, Facebook joined the S&P 500 while founder Mark Zuckerberg personally made more shares in the company available for purchase, Google and Facebook battle it out with different year-end roundup services for their users, Twitter will let Vine users get vanity URLs, and it turned out that Instagram's new ads are a success.

Facebook Considered a 'Sympathize' Button, So Users Don't Inadvertently 'Like' Bad News

Facebook has experimented with a more nuanced approach to responding to friends' posts, though it has not shown up on the world's largest social network yet. The "sympathize" button appeared at one of Facebook's hackathons, as a way to express Facebook's popular one-click support, without seeming callous.

Facebook "High Quality" News Feed Tweak Will Be Mostly Source-Biased

Facebook announced changes to its News Feed on Monday, promising to increase the "quality" of news-related posts by tweaking the visibility of "relevant" posts. But Facebook's explanation of how it would accomplish this was rather nebulous, only giving an example of reducing the number of meme photos from third-party sites. Now, News Feed manager Lars Backstrom has revealed some details, and it sounds like Facebook's News Feed is taking a page from Google.
Twitter Logo

Twitter's Social Media Domain Expanding Beyond the Internet

Twitter, freshly off its IPO, is looking to expand into emerging markets - even places that don't have much by way of mobile internet yet. How is it planning on operating without the internet? It's teaming up with a service that converts content on social media networks to text-message based signals.

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