Students Learn About Western Diet In Chinese Vocational School

Does Sugar Intake Increase Cancer Risk?

New research suggested that Western-style diet puts a person at higher risk of acquiring cancer.
Heavyweight Man Eating Funk Food

Genetics-Based Weight Loss Management May be the Future of Dieting

A new research determined the genetic factors which are associated with weight loss and gain. Thus, the researchers hope that the results can help in the creation of genetic-based weight management treatment for individuals.
German Politicians Debate Future of Universities

Not Getting the Right Amount of Sleep? Less Than 7 Hours of Sleep Can Lead to Obesity, Study Says!

A new research suggested that having less than seven hours of sleep leads to more time for secondary eating, which in turn increases the risk of being obese.
Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Obesity Linked to Poverty: Poorer Children Are More Likely to be Obese, Study Says

A UK cohort study found that children from poor backgrounds are more likely to be obese than their peers from well-off families.

Can Obese Men Pass Obesity Trait to Their Children? Here's What This Study Says!

A new research study suggests that obese men may pass their obesity trait to their children through the epigenetic marks in their sperm, offering a biological explanation of why children of obese men are likely to suffer from obesity.
Heavyweight Man Eating Funk Food

Not Losing Weight? This May be the Reason!

Stored fat might be the reason why many are not losing weight.

Low-Fat Diet or Low-Carb Diet? Which is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Contrary to previous beliefs, a new study concludes that doing a low-fat diet is not that effective for weight loss.
Italian Youths Shop, Socialize And Party

Late Sleeping Time Making Teens Gain Weight

A study conducted by UC Berkeley reveals the link between BMI and sleep schedule.
NYC''s Lazy Summer Days in Rockefeller Plaza

Sleep-Deprived Children More Tempted by Food, Study Suggests

A study published on the International Journal of Obesity links sleep-deprivation to higher food intake among five year olds.
Most Obese Countries in Latin America

Most Obese Countries in Latin America

Most Obese Countries in Latin America

Swiss Scientists Discover a Cure for Obesity? Gene That Stops Obesity in Mice Found

A sedentary lifestyle, long work hours sitting down, and junk food are some of the factors that cause obesity in people, a condition that affects more and more people around the world every day.

Weight Loss Surgery May Slow Down Genetic Aging Process in Some

A new study suggests some who get weight loss surgery also receive anti-aging benefits as well.
World's Most Obese Man (Mexico)

Mexico Tops The U.S. As The Most Obese Country In The Hemisphere

The United States is officially no longer the fattest country on this side of the globe. With 21 million obese adults and a 32.8 percent obesity rate, Mexico takes the cake as the most obese country in the hemisphere and one of the chubbiest countries on earth.
Bicycles In NYC

NYC Bike Share Programs Bans Overweight Riders

Overweight New Yorkers may not be allowed to sign up for the city's new bike-sharing service which is scheduled to launch later in May.
A woman uses her mobile phone while holding a cigarette in central London

Penalties for Smokers and Obese People: Should We Just 'Let Them Die?' Report Sparks Twitter Debate

Should the government encourage healthier lifestyle choices by penalizing unhealthy habits like smoking and overeating , or should we save money and just leave smokers and obese people to die?

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