Joe Biden
Martha Raddatz introducing the vice-presidential debate

Martha Raddatz vs. Jim Lehrer: Lessons for the Moderator of the Next Presidential Debate

Martha Raddatz is receiving heavy praise for staying in control of the conversation during her hosting of the vice-presidential debate.
Biden gets testy during the VP debate

"Malarkey" Definition Is Trending On Twitter, But It's Popularity Isn't Nonsense (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is nearly 70 years old, but he’s better known for gaffes and f-bombs than old-fashioned slang more suited to an Ohio nursing home.
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan after their debate

VP Debate Results and Review: Celebrities and Media Weigh In

Media reactions to Thursday night’s vice-presidential debate were as mixed and ambivalent as the polls.
Joe Biden debates Paul Ryan Thursday night

Vice Presidential Debate 2012: Who Won? Post-Debate Polls Rate Biden and Ryan

Instant poll results from last night’s vice-presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan.
Dan Quayle

Vice Presidential Debate: Memorable Moments from Previous VP Debates (Video)

Here are the best snappy zingers and hilarious goofs from previous vice-presidential debates.
Ryan and Biden meet tonight in their only debate

Biden-Ryan Vice Presidential Debate Tonight and How It Will Affect the 2012 Presidential Polls - Predictions

This vice-presidential debate may determine whether Obama recovers from that terrible night in Denver last week.

Vice President Debate Schedule 2012 and 5 Important Things to Watch For During Tonight's Political Bout

Vice President Joe Biden will face off against Paul Ryan in tonight's first and only vice presidential debate of the election season. The debate will cover both foreign and domestic topics and will be divided into nine time segments of approximately 10 minutes each.
The Vice-Presidential debate will take place at Centre College in Danville, Ky

VP Debate 2012 - Live Online Streaming, TV Schedule: Univision to Provide Real-Time Spanish Translation for October 11

Voters eager to for more information on the candidates should tune in to the vice presidential debate tonight. Even viewers without a television have plenty of options.
The future of the Obama campaign now depends on Joe Biden

Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Preview: Joe Biden and What You Need to Know Before You Watch

The vice-presidential debate gives the Obama campaign an opportunity to change the conversation, and their only weapon is Joe Biden.

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