government shutdown
US Government Shutdown

Latino Mothers and Employees Will Be Affected By US Government Shutdown

A few days after the first time in 17 years that the U.S. government ordered the partial shutdown of its operations indefinitely, its negative effects can already be felt in various regions of the country.
US Congress

Congressional Approval Rating Drops to All-Time Low, Obama's Rating as 'Strong and Decisive Leader' Suffers

According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans' approval rating of Congress has fallen to an all-time low. President Obama's image as a 'strong and decisive' leader has also taken a hit.
President Obama

President Obama's Approval Rating Reaches All-Time Low

President Obama's job approval rating has fallen to its lowest point since he took office.
Tea Party supporter William Temple holds up a tea pot as he shouts against President Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare overhaul outside the Supreme Court in Washington, June 28, 2012

Tea Party Simultaneously Grows More Powerful But Becomes Less Popular

According to a new Pew Research poll, the Tea Party is less popular than ever, even among Republicans. Overall, nearly half of the public or 49 percent, has an unfavorable opinion of the Tea Party, while only 30 percent have a favorable opinion of the group.
President Obama

President Obama Scolds Congress, Republicans Over the Government Shutdown, Declares Americans are 'Fed Up' With Washington

President Obama scolded congress in a speech on Thursday just hours after lawmakers voted to reopen the government and barely avoided a national default.
US Congress

House Stenographer Explains Bizarre Rant on House Floor, Says She Was Moved by 'the Holy Spirit' (Video)

After a bill was passed to reopen the government on Wednesday, a House stenographer calmly took to a microphone and went on a bizarre rant about the Constitution, religion and Freemasons.
Barack Obama

Obama Relaxes While Preparing Sandwiches

A little de-stress for the President.
US Government Shutdown

Social Security Benefits Raise to Be Among Lowest in Decades

For a second year in a row, millions of Americans who rely on Social Security, veterans' benefits and federal pensions will receive a significantly low increase in their benefits.

Government Shutdown Puts Food Safety at Risk

The government shutdown has furloughed many food inspectors at government agencies, which puts food safety at risk.
Unemployment Line

Government Shutdown 2013 Update: Federal Shutdown Partially Responsible for Rising Unemployment Rate

Along with thousands of furloughed workers and the closures of national parks and zoos, now the US government shutdown can also be blamed for causing a surge in unemployment claims.
Antarctic headquarters of the National Science Foundation

Government Shutdown 2013 Forces National Science Foundation To Close Antarctica Science Research Bases

According to recent reports, the National Science Foundation has decided to cancel the U.S. Antarctic research program thanks to the government shutdown in Washington that has affected services across the board for the U.S.
Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

Government Shutdown 2013 News; Video of Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul Talking Shutdown on Hot Mic Goes Viral; Some Republican Elders Speak Out Against Shutdown [Video]

Senators Rand Paul (R-Ky) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) were caught talking about the Republican strategy during the shutdown on a hot mic. Some senior GOP members take issue with the Republican intransigence and the government shutdown.
Senate Democrats Say They Will Defeat Obamacare Delay

Government Shutdown 2013 News Update: How Shutdown May Lead to Economic Crisis

Because the U.S. government has been shut down for four straight days without an end in sight, there is a growing concern that the stalemate in congress will merge into a much more complex fight in mid-October over raising the federal debt ceiling.
Army will play Boston College

NCAA Football News: Army vs Boston College, Navy vs Air Force Set To Play This Weekend Despite Government Shutdown

The Pentagon has given permission for the service academies to play football despite the United States government being shutdown.
Government Shutdown Could Delay immigration Reform

Immigration Reform 2013 News and Polls: Could Government Shutdown Doom Bill's Chances of Passing This Year?

With time running out on the year and before a looming government shutdown, immigration reform advocates are continuing to stay the course as they plan for nationwide demonstrations on Oct. 5 calling for the passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

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