Apple Maps
Apple Maps

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Usage for Apple Inc. (AAPL) Maps App Higher than Google Maps on iOS Devices, Says Report

Despite the embarrassing launch of Apple Maps, the navigation app by the Cupertino-based organization has proven to be popular among iOS users.
Apple Maps

Apple Maps Fail 2013: Apple Inc. Purchases Navigation-Software Company Embark Inc. to Improve Maps

Apple's mission to improve its maps app continued as the Cupertino-based organization purchased a navigation-software company.
Apple iOS 7 WWDC

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Apple Inc. Hiring Maps Experts Ahead of iOS 7 Release Date [Report]

Apple Inc. is hiring people for its Apple Maps division as it also asks iOS 7 beta users for help.
Apple iPhone

Apple Maps Update: Apple Inc. Said to Buy HopStop Inc., After Locationary Purchase Report

Apple is set to acquire another navigation service, according to a new report.
Apple Maps

Apple Maps Update: Apple Inc. Acquires Toronto's Location-Data Company Locationary

Apple has made the moves to acquire Locationary, a Toronto-based location-data company.
google maps for ipad

The New Google Maps Arrives On iPad, iPhone, and iPod, and the Web

The Google Maps update - which is a huge improvement over the old version - is now out for iOS devices, and finally offers native iPad support. The web-based version is also now open for Google users.
google map tilt satellite

New Google Maps, Chrome Cookie Trick and Sneak Peak: Features And Images

Google has recently announced, at Google I/O, that they're revamping Google Maps. Google has invited people to sign up and preview their new Maps. (Update: Here's how to see it for yourself without an invite).
New Google Maps screenshot

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: New Google 3D Maps Update Features Distortions Seen on Apple Maps

Google’s new 3D maps may be experiencing visual distortion issues akin to Apple Maps.
New Google Maps screenshot

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Google Maps Director Jabs Apple Maps; Reaction to New Google Maps Update Mixed, Similar to Apple Maps?

While Google Maps reinvented itself, one executive might have made an indirect joke to Apple’s navigation app.
iPhone 4S

iOS 7 Features Rumors: Car Integration with Apple Maps and Siri Planned

The upcoming iOS 7 may integrate its features with cars, if latest reports prove accurate.
iO6 apple maps

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Google Chairman Would 'Really Like' Apple to Return to Google Maps

The criticisms about Apple Maps may have eased, but Google’s chairman still believes the Cupertino-based company should return to Google Maps.

Google Maps Vs. Apple Maps: Indoor Map Improvements On The Way For Both Softwares As Apple Gets WiFiSlam

Apple recently acquired a start-up company called WiFiSlam that aims to improve the accuracy of indoor maps, signifying the company's trajectory to providing more accurate maps for places like malls, libraries and museums.
Google Maps

Google Maps on Windows Phone 8, Internet Explorer Not Compatible; Google Denies Blocking WP Users

Google has denied reports that they are blocking Windows Phone users from accessing Google Maps.
The new connectors for the iPhone 5 is displayed during Apple Inc.'s iPhone media event in San Francisco

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: Google Maps for iOS 6 Catapults OS Adoption Up 30 Percent

Earlier this week, we asked readers whether or not the debut of Google maps on iOS would give the iPhone 5 a competitive advantage over the Samsung Galaxy S3, and while 56.48 percent of 193 voters said no, recent data indicates that iOS 6 upgrades jumped 30 percent since the app's launch.
Google Maps Indoors

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: Does Google Maps in iOS 6 Help Apple Compete Against Samsung? (Poll)

After the unforgettable launch of Apple's Map App, iOS users clamored for a practical, functioning navigation option.

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