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Bio Bots, self-propelled hybrid robots

Self-Propelled Bio-Bots Swim Like Sperm, Could Someday Save Your Life

Art and technology often draw inspiration from nature - it's how you get cool robots that run like cheetahs, for example. Recently, researchers from the University of Illinois took a page out of that book on a tiny scale, creating mini bio-bots that could one day swim through your bloodstream, intelligently delivering medicine right where you need it.

Sony Announces PlayStation Now Cloud Gaming and Internet TV Services

Sony made several announcements at its CES keynote, but the most important product news from the decades-old gadget maker was not a product users can hold in their hands: Sony announced two important cloud/streaming services that have the potential to unify the Japanese electronics company's fractured offerings.
itunes app store 5 year anniversary

Apple App Store Generated $10 Billion in Business, $1 Billion in December Alone

Apple has had a good year. Besides introducing the iPad Air, Mac Pro, and iPhone 5s, the company has cashed in on its App Store like never before. On Tuesday, Apple announced that over $10 billion was spent on apps in 2013, with over $1 billion coming from the month of December alone.
Audi A3 2015

Audi, NVIDIA, and AT&T Collaborate on Next-Generation Internet-Connected Cars

Audi will start selling high tech, LTE-connected cars beginning with the 2015 A3, thanks to a partnership with AT&T and NVIDIA.
samsung galaxy tabPRO 12.2

Samsung Goes Premium with 12.2-inch NotePRO and TabPRO Lineup at CES 2014

If the "iPad Pro" - the rumored 12-inch+ sized Apple tablet - is truly in development, it looks like Samsung got there first. Today at the Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung Electronics announced its PRO lineup of Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab slates, including a 12.2-inch Galaxy NotePRO.
Xperia z1s for T-Mobile

Sony Xperia Z1s Launching on T-Mobile, Xperia Z1 Compact Announced as a Mini Alternative

Sony has announced its mini follow-up to the Sony Xperia Z1, under the name Xperia Z1 Compact. Another variant, the Xperia Z1s was also announced as a T-Mobile exclusive coming to the Uncarrier in a few weeks' time.
Tim Baxter, president of the Consumer Electronics Division of Samsung Electronics America, speaks after unveiling (from L-R) LED HDTV 9000, 8000, and 7000, during a news conference

International CES 2014 Preview: What To Expect in Las Vegas Next Week

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off the new year with a preview of what's to come in technology and consumer products. While often many of the products at the show take a while to reach mainstream consumers, this year looks to be one where previously too expensive or niche devices show off refinements that will make them more accessible to all consumers.

Apple Buys SnappyLabs, the One-Man Company Behind SnappyCam Burst Shooter App

Apple has acquired app developer SnappyLabs, a company (of sorts) behind the popular app SnappyCam, which snaps full resolution pictures on the iPhone at up to 30 frames per second.
Timely App bitspin

Google Buys Timely Maker Bitspin, Makes All Features Free of Charge

Bitspin, maker of the popular Timely alarm clock app for Android, has been acquired by Google.

The Empire Strikes Back: AT&T Hits T-Mobile With Direct $450 Incentive for Customers To Switch

Ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show this upcoming week, where T-Mobile is expected to announce an incentive to lure users on other carriers' contracts, AT&T has launched a preemptive strike targeted directly at the smaller, recently surging company.
ryan seacrest's typo keyboard case for iphone

BlackBerry Sues Ryan Seacrest-Backed Typo Keyboard for Patent Infringement

When iPhone accessory startup Typo Products announced its physical keyboard, the company garnered inordinate media attention because one of its founding investors was American Idol host and all-around celebrity, Ryan Seacrest. Now that attention is coming back to haunt the little startup as BlackBerry has decided to sue for patent infringement.

For Snapchat, Pride Goeth Before the Hack - And After

Snapchat says it is adding new user privacy features after a holiday hack last week, when hackers exposed the private information of about 4.6 million Snapchat users. The young social media company also said it would beef up internal security to make it more difficult to get at account information, but noticeably offered no apologies.

LG Hints at New OLED TV Push Starting at CES

LG Electronics has announced it will show off some new (and old) models of OLED TVs in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2014, in a push to reinvigorate the stalled next-gen screen technology. However, the most important part of LG's announcement is not something you'll see on the showroom floor in Las Vegas next week.

Acer's CES 2014: Updated Tablets, Chromebook, and an Android OS Desktop?

Ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show next week in Las Vegas, Acer Inc. has announced what it's showing off - including two refreshed Android tablets, a Windows 8.1 tab, a new Chromebook, and an unexpectedly strange personal computer.

NSA Working On Quantum Computer To Crack Any and All Encryption

If you've kept up with all of the revelations from the Edward Snowden leak, it may seem that the National Security Agency already has all of the surveillance tools and access it could ever need. But according to a new leak from the ex-NSA contractor, published first by The Washington Post, the NSA is working on the mother of all digital spying tools: a quantum computer.

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