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Pluto May Have 10 Additional Moons Shrouded by Clouds of Dust, Says NASA

NASA researchers preparing for a spacecraft's flyby of Pluto say the distant dwarf planet at the edge of the solar system may have more moons than previously thought

Astronauts Returning to Earth from International Space Station [Live Stream]

After 141 days aboard the International Space Station, three astronauts are scheduled to return to Earth Thursday night and their landing will be streamed live.

Report of Killer Dolphins Escaping Ukrainian Military Is a Hoax

Swimmers in the Black Sea can be at ease as it turns out the report of Ukrainian military trained killer dolphins escaping their handlers in the Crimea earlier this week was a hoax.

Baby Held in Mother's Arms Survives Suicidal Plunge from NYC Apartment

A 44-year-old mother held onto her 10-month-baby boy and jumped from the eight-floor of a New York high rise on Wednesday, miraculously the baby survived the fall.

New Pope, Francis I, Prays for Guidance

Less than 24-hours after he was greeted by over a hundred thousand people at Vatican City and the tens of millions watching on television sets around the world, the new head of the Catholic church Pope Francis I quietly left the Vatican to pray privately at one of Rome's renowned basilicas.

'Price is Right' Lawsuit, $8.5 Million Pregnancy Discrimination Ruling Overturned As Plaintiff Seeks New Trial

A Los Angeles judge has granted a motion for a new trial overturning a previous verdict awarding $8.5 million to a former "Price is Right" model who sued the game show for pregnancy discrimination.

Who Is Pope Francis I And Is He The Right Man To Cure The Ills Of The Catholic Church?

Along with his name, Argentine Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio will be giving up his humble apartment in Buenos Aires for St. Peter's Basilica and title of Pope Francis I. But is he the leader the church desperately needs.

Seven Men Executed in Saudi Arabia by Firing Squad

Seven men who were convicted of crimes they committed as juveniles were executed in Saudi Arabia by firing squad on Wednesday, a first for the middle eastern Islamic monarchy that traditionally executes capital punishments by issuing beheadings.

Papal Conclave 2013 Day Two: Cardinals Elect New Pope; Live Stream [Live Blog]

The conclave is over, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina is now Pope Francis I.

Mars Rover Curiosity's Rock Analysis NASA Briefing Live Stream (Live Blog)

NASA is preparing to hold a news conference to discuss the findings of the Curiosity Rover's analysis of Martian rocks, the conference will be live streamed here.

Papal Conclave 2013 Day One: Live Streaming of Sistine Chapel Deliberations (Live Blog)

The conclave to elect a new Pope as head of the Catholic Church is underway at Vatican City. Over 1.2 billion of the faithful are now awaiting to hear the decision of the 115 cardinals who will cast their ballots during deliberations at the Sistine Chapel.

North Korean Propaganda Video Shows Americans Living in Poverty (VIDEO)

The North Korean propaganda ministry has released another anti-American video that surfaced this weekend on YouTube. Typically that videos commonly produced by the Hermit Kingdom show images of impending boom and nuclear armageddon raining down on the United States and its alleys.

Papal Conclave 2013: Conclave to Begin Tuesday, Church Officials Disrupt Internet to Ensure Secrecy

The first day of the conclave to elect the next pope of the Catholic Church is set to begin Tuesday, and the secretive selection process has led church officials to take some extreme measures to keep intruders out of the closed door sessions at the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.

NYC Soda Ban Struck Down by Judge, Labeled 'Arbitrary and Capricious'

Less than 24-hours before Mayor Michael Bloomberg's soda ban in the Big Apple was suppose to go into effect a New York state judge has tossed the new law down the drain.

Mexico and Canada Brawl at World Baseball Classic (VIDEO)

Benches cleared in an ugly brawl during a game between Mexico and Canda at the World Baseball Classic tournament in Arizona on Saturday.

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