Peter Lesser

'Justice League of America' Movie: Cast Predictions for Superman, Batman and More

Now as talks of the potential Justice League movie barrel forward, eager actors are looking to hop on board, but details of any official casting are scarce. At this point in the process, all fans can do is speculate.
Sons of Anarchy

'Sons of Anarchy' Season 6 Episode 5 Preview: Jax Showdown With the Irish

Now entering the belly of the season, SAMCRO has never been in such a fragile state. Recently episodes have been plagued with death and betrayal, and an early glimpse at this week's episode, titled "Mad King," the blood will continue to flow.
American Horror Story

'American Horror Story' Season 3 Secrets Revealed as 'Coven' Premiere Approaches

FX has remained tight lipped on the upcoming season, but a brand new interview with producers Ryan Murphy, Tim Minear and Brad Falchuk sheds light on an otherwise dark and twisted second season, fueling the excitement for the approaching third.

'Justified' Season 5 Spoilers: Sociopath Romantic and Conniving Bombshell Join Crowe Crime Family

“Justified” will return for its fifth season in January, and as fans prepare for its big return, a roundup of recent news from production helps fans with an early glimpse of what’s on the horizon.
Orange is the New Black

'Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 Spoilers: Nicky's Love Secrets Exposed

While the majority of rumors have circulated around the pending return of Laura Prepon’s Alex, new details have hinted at even greater loss.

'Arrow' Season 2 Spoilers: Formidable Foe Threatens Arrow's Existence

Stephen Amell will return to the hit series “Arrow” as Oliver, aka The Green Arrow, on Wednesday night, October 9, as the season’s biggest series begin to unfold. So we can all leave our pepper spray at home. The world just got a little safer.

'50 Shades of Grey' Movie: Charlie Hunnam's Lingerie Secret

Well, it’s no longer up for debate. Charlie Hunnam is officially the most desired man in the world.
Hart of Dixie

'Hart of Dixie' Season 3 Spoilers: Wade and George Fall Victim New Character

Details on one of the fall’s most anticipated series, “Hart of Dixie,” have been scarce to say the least. But now as the Season 3 premiere approaches, fans are finally offered insight on what to expect.

'Bones' Season 9 Episode 4 Spoilers: Will Booth Finally Take Pelant Down?

Pelant is back. In Monday’s episode of “Bones,” Booth’s archenemy returns to the hit series with bad intentions, but this time around he may find himself on the wrong end of misfortune.
Orange is the New Black

'Orange Is the New Black' Season 2: How Will Piper React When Alex and Larry Turn Their Backs?

There's plenty of details regarding the second season of "Orange Is the New Black," which returns to Netflix in 2014.

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Movie: Paul Giamatti Exposes Rhino Secrets

Rhino is a relatively quiet nemesis throughout the comic series, so fans are curious as to how he'll take to the big screen, and now the wait is over. If you don't feel like waiting until the spring flowers peek their heads up from melting snow, Giamatti can provide you with the full scoop on his character.
The Walking Dead

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: Has Rick Passed the Point of Redemption?

As the final weeks until the Season 4 premiere dwindle, fans are hungry for any little zombie details they can sink their teeth into. Change is on the horizon, and as you might expect, it’s not all good news.
Breaking Bad

'Breaking Bad' Series Finale Alternate Endings: From Walt's Machine Gun Rampage to Skyler's Suicide

The series finale of "Breaking Bad" left fans shaking in their boots, but it's impossible to please everyone. Got those discouraged with the way Walt's empire came to a close, here are several alternative endings for you to chew on.

'Scandal' Season 3 Spoilers: Who Gets Locked in a Trunk Upon Learning the Truth?

With the government shutdown, where will we get our daily dose of political debauchery? No worries. The hit series “Scandal” has got it covered.

'NCIS: LA' Season 5 Spoilers: Intense Speedway Action Features Race Cars and Tractor Trailers

In episode 3, titled “Omni,” the team attempts to expose the details surrounding the death of a biotech head hancho and find out who may have compromised a vaccine project. But more importantly, Kensi will head to the racetrack in one of Hetty’s most prized possessions

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