Peter Lesser
The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln Opens Up About Rick's Future on 'The Walking Dead'

“The Walking Dead” returns to reclaim its crown as the most terrifying show on television, and as all signs indicate, nothing will get in its way.
The Fosters

ABC's 'The Fosters' Will Confirmed for a Second Season

ABC can't get enough of "The Fosters."
US Congress

New Website Gives You a Valid Excuse to Drunk Dial Congress

A new website, was launched Thursday morning. Callers simply enter their phone number, receive a call back with an automated message and then forwards the call to a randomly selected representative. But there's so much more.

10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2013

Halloween is approaching, and in hope of avoiding last minute decisions that can result in disaster, here’s a list of stellar costume ideas that will inspire fear, laughs, a sexual encounter perhaps? Whatever it is you’re going for, hopefully this list will help you avoid last year’s atrocity.
Game of Thrones

Kit Harington in Contention to Play Mr. Fantastic in Upcoming 'Fantastic Four' Remake

Jon Snow may get the promotion he deserves. No longer will he rot in the cold and dungy ranks of the Night’s Watch. Instead, he could be joining one of the greatest superhero squads of all time.
Puppy and Baby

Viral Video of Playful Infant and Puppy Takes a Turn for the Worst

What began as an innocent play date between a friendly little pup and an adorable baby in a bubble bath has taken a turn for the worst.

Sherlock Will Come Face-to-Face With the Murderer Who Taught Him Everything

In next week’s episode, titled “Poison Pen,” Sherlock will come face to face with the first killer to ever cross his path

As Deeks and Sam Recover, Other NCIS Agents Will be Forced to Step Up

Fans of "NCIS: LA" will be getting more Nell and Eric, who will finally have the opportunity to prove themselves as formidable assets to the NCIS team and jump some major hurdles along the way.

Beckett Struggles to Redefine Herself in New York

While fans are pleased that Beckett is back in the arms of her dear Castle, they were shocked when she was abruptly fired in D.C. Now fans are curious as to how easily she’ll transition back into her role in New York. Will it be seamless, or could we see a new, unemployed Beckett in subsequent episodes?
Georgia Tech

'Rapebait' Email Makes University Question Its Students Social Behavior

An email outlining a protocol to get laid and shared with the members of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity was quickly condemned Monday as it continued to run rampant online.
Orange is the New Black

Season 2 of 'Orange Is the New Black' Will Explore All Characters' Pasts

While we put on our Dracula costumes and baste giant turkeys, the inmates from Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” prepare for a followup season that change the way you look at locked up criminals.
How I Met Your Mother

Fans Want More of the Mother, But They May Have to Be Patient

While the coveted Mother has remained elusive all season, every appearance will pack a heavy blow.
Sons of Anarchy

Jax Wages War on the Irish to Seek Revenge for Clubhouse Bomb

Although the aftershock of last episode's events will linger through next week, the upcoming episode will pack even more punches, so prepare yourselves.
Drake Hands

A Starbucks Barista's Worst Nightmare Comes True

What started as an innocent guy’s attempt to seduce an LA model quickly evolved into an Internet phenom.
Kanye on Jimmy Kimmel

Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel Settle Their Beef on Television

Last night, the prolific rap star sat down with Kimmel on his show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where West buried the hatchet during an episode long conversation.

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