Jorge Calvillo

Science Discoveries 2014: Biggest Dinosaur Ever Found in Argentina

Argentinian scientists say they might have discovered the fossil remains of what might be the "biggest dinosaur that lived on our planet".

Immigration Reform 2014: Republicans Block Immigration Initiative in California

Voting on a law project to modify the immigration law which would be discussed this week received a strong blow on Friday, when Republican leaders intervened to prevent the voting from taking place.

'Metastasis' Premiere Date: Meet the Characters of the Latino Version of 'Breaking Bad' [Trailer]

"Metástasis" is the Latino version of one of the most successful TV shows in the United States, Breaking Bad, and is brought to the TV in Spanish by Univisión starting on June 8 through UniMás and Galavisión.

Human Avalanche Injures 68 in El Saddar Stadium, Spain [Video]

A total of 68 people were injured on Sunday by a human avalanche during the match between the Osasuna team and Betis, at El Saddar stadium, home of Spanish League's Osasuna, local media reported.
Jennifer López

Jennifer López Biography 2014: JLo Publishes Autobiographical Book 'True Love'

Jennifer López will release an autobiographical book on October, a project that began as a diary during her first tour and where she reveals the secrets of her failed marriages and one of the most decisive moments in her life.

Texas Woman Finds Three-Meter-Long Python in Toilet [Video]

A California woman had a huge scare when she found an enormous python snake curled up in the toilet in her College Station, Texas home.

Spring Storm Tornado 2014: Powerful Tornado Causes the Suspension of Activities at the Miami International Airport [Video]

The Miami International Airport (MIA) temporarily suspended flights on Thursday, May 15 after a powerful tornado was reported to have appeared a little over a kilometer away, northeast of the airport, local media reported.

Pregnant Woman Sentenced to Death in Sudan for Declaring Herself a Christian and Refusing Islam

A 27-year-old woman who is eight months pregnant was sentenced to death by courts in Sudan by refusing to convert to Islam after declaring her Christian faith.
Miami Fashion Week 2014

Miami Fashion Week 2014: Miami Fashion Week Gathers the Best Designers With a Latino Touch

The best of international fashion and design gathers this week on Miami, Florida's beautiful beaches for a week of fashion during Fashion Week 2014, with a focus on Latino beauty this year.

Latina Girl Loses Two Teeth After Being a Victim of Bullying in a Lincoln Heights School [Video]

The parents of an 8-year-old girl reported that she was the victim of school abuse from other students of the Gates Street Elementary School in Lincoln Heights, and that school authorities haven't done anything to clear up the incident.
Forest Fire

Forest Fires News 2014: Police Arrest Two Teenagers Related with San Diego Fires [Video]

Hundreds of firemen continue to work without rest on Friday, four days after a series of forest fires began, which have destroyed thousands of hectares in southern California, and caused thousands of residents and students to be evacuated from their homes.

Millennia-Old Human Skeleton Discovered in Mexico 2014: Archaeologists Confirm Theory of First Inhabitants of America After Discovering 13,000 Years Old 'Naia' [Video]

A 12,000 or 13,000 years old human skeleton was found inside an underwater cave in southeast Mexico, which strengthens the theory that the first inhabitants of the American continent arrived from Siberia through the Bering Strait.
Sebastián Rulli

Sebastián Rulli and Cecilia Galliano Lawsuit News 2014: Dispute Between Rulli and Galliano Over Luxury Truck Ends. Actor Celebrates Verdict on Twitter

The dispute between actor Sebastián Rulli and his ex-wife, host Cecilia Galliano, reached its end in Mexican courts.
Bouncy House

Winds Blow Inflatable Bounce House With Two Children Inside Into the Air

Two small boys aged 5 and 6 were seriously injured on the afternoon of Monday when a gust of wind blew an inflatable bouncy house into the air in which there children were playing in South Glens Falls, New York.

Rihanna Donates $25,000 to Los Angeles Police After Cellphone Accident

Last weekend, Rihanna had a small incident in which she accidentally broke the cellphone of the President of the Police Commission in Los Angeles, Steve Soboroff.

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