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Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gas: World's New Energy Source

Similar to harvesting energy from the wind, a new combination of chemistry and mechanics could generate electricity from the carbon dioxide already produced by plants.

Smoking Menthols — Going Up in Smoke?

The federal government looks to have taken another step toward banning the sale of menthol cigarettes. The agency's latest data show menthols enhance smoking addictions and make it harder for cigarette users to quit.

Sea Mussels Hold Secret to Better Glue

The new evidence suggests the combination between the more and less rigid properties actually helps the mussels adhere to their surfaces of choice.

Rare Full Dino Tail Found in Mexico

Paleontologist Felisa Aguilar told reporters that, based on initial analysis, the dinosaur appears to have been roughly 36 feet long and lived about 72 million years ago.

Divers Survive Jumping Humpback Whales [VIDEO]

Stamback later said he had a feeling the whales were actually aware he and Antigua were in the water and missed them intentionally, as there were thousands of fish all around them.

Western Bumblebees Returning to West Coast?

Entomologists and bee enthusiasts have recently captured images of several specimens of the Bombus occidentalis flitting between flowers in one suburban park north of Seattle.

Boeing Enters Commercial Spacecraft Race [VIDEO]

The Boeing Company has officially entered the commercial space race with the CST-100, a modified water drop-shaped vehicle that can carry up to seven passengers.

Stem Cells Created Without Genetic Manipulation, Researchers Report

The cells involved in the study were left with the ability to assume the characteristic of any other type of cell in the body.

Two Endangered Persian Leopards Born in Russia

Part of an effort to reintroduce the leopards to the wild, the two newborns were bred at the Persian Leopard Breeding Rehabilitation Center in Sochi National Park.

Zoo Urging Rare Brother and Sister Rhinos to Mate

A pioneer in breeding the rhino species, the Cincinnati Zoo is seeking to mate 6-year-old Harapan who has been living at the Los Angeles Zoo, with his biological sister, 8-year-old Suci, who is still in Cincinnati.

Saturn Probe Takes Rare Photos of Earth Today [VIDEO]

Currently flying an estimated 898 million miles from us, Cassini is scheduled to snap images of the earth between 5:27 and 5:42 Eastern Daylight Time.

Study: Objects Move Through Air With Sound Waves [VIDEO]

The team experimented with a levitation device that looks somewhat like a chessboard, with penny-sized squares that each emit sound waves.

Lionfish 101: How to Catch, Clean and Cook the Spiny Coastal Invaders [VIDEO]

Though the spines are venomous, the rest of the fish is not only safe to eat, but considered a prized delicacy by many. But catching, preparing and cooking Lionfish is a specialized process.

Future of Our Sun Revealed by Stunning NASA Images of Eskimo Nebula

Otherwise designated as NGC 2392, the nebula is located approximately 4,200 light years from Earth and is a perfect example of what can occur after a star consumes all of the hydrogen in its core.

George Zimmerman Safety Unsure After Acquittal in Trayvon Martin Case, Angry Protests Across U.S.

Despite calls by law enforcement and community leaders throughout the nation to remain calm, Zimmerman attorney O'Mara repeated his concerns that the safety of his client will be at ongoing risk.

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