Rhineland-Palatinate Governor Dreyer Visits Child Day Care Center

Religion Bad For Children? Study Says Religion Makes Children More Selfish

A new study revealed that religion does not necessarily make children good people. In fact, it makes them more selfish and less altruistic.

Rare Cartoon Featuring First Disney Character Rediscovered

A rare film featuring the first ever Disney character has been found, and in Britain, of all places.
Heidi Klum's 16th Annual Halloween Party sponsored by GSN's Hellevator And SVEDKA Vodka At LAVO New York - Arrivals

Top 7 Standout Halloween 2015 Costumes by Celebrities

Halloween night also a night of stars - in their best costumes. Who nailed it big time this year?
World Cup Fans Gather To Watch Matches In Rio

University of Louisville Apologizes After Photos of President and Faculty Surface Wearing "Mexican" Costumes

University of Louisville President James Ramsey is feeling the heat after photos began to circulate of him and his staff donning "Mexican" costumes at a party.

Twitter Users Go Gaga Over Florida Tourist Zola's Adventure

Who knew you could get a movie plot from a series of tweets?
Rainbow Bagel

Halloween Treats Have Come Early! There is a Rainbow Bagel Stuffed with Sweet Cream Cheese, How Does it Taste?

The Andy Warhol of bagels is creating a wondrous spectrum of colors that you can eat.
FIVB Puerto Vallarta Open - Day 6

Americans are flocking to retire in Mexico, and here’s why

Tracking how many U.S. citizens live outside the State is difficult, but the numbers appear to be rising in Mexico thanks to a lower cost of living and the familiarity of Spanish customs.
Fackbook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion

Eye Emoji on iOS 9.1 Part of an Anti-Bullying Campaign For Kids

Tech Crunch reported that the eye emoji, as explained by the Ad Council and other tech companies, represents an anti-bullying campaign that started together with National Bullying Prevention Month.
The 2015 Nike Mag

When will Nike release Back to the Future-inspired Nike Mags? – Estimated price, where to get them, and how to make a pair

Michael J. Fox donned a pair of Nike Mags on Wednesday, sending the country into frenzy as to when the futuristic sneakers would be made available to the public.
Sexy Halloween Costume for Women

Sexy Halloween Party Costume Ideas for Women

For sexy fellas like you this halloween season!
Halloween Kid Costume

The Most Spook-tacular Halloween Costumes for Toddlers and Kids

Dress your kids with these spooky and eerie yet still cute halloween outfits.
Back to the Future

Back to the Future Day 2015 – What the movies got right and what they got wrong; Nike to release self-tying shoes

On Oct. 21, 2015, Marty McFly time-traveled to a world filled with flat screen TV's, hoverboards,and flying cars. While Back to the Future creaters didn't hit on everything in current society, they weren't far off.
Rubber Duck Moves to Summer Palace

Largest Rubber Duck in the World Arrives in New York [Photos]

The 11-ton, air-filled ambassador of joy has finally docked at Oyster Bay, Long Island.

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