By James Paladino ( | First Posted: Dec 25, 2012 12:35 AM EST

Recently unemployed Larisa Erwin gets free Botox injections from Dr. Shannan Ginnan at Reveal in Arlington, Virginia (Photo : Reuters)

Unapproved shipments of Botox have been sent out to over 350 medical practices across the country, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In an official statement, the organization writes, "These medications may be counterfeit, contaminated, improperly stored and transported, ineffective, and/or unsafe. Medical practices that purchase and administer illegal and unapproved medications from foreign sources are placing patients at risk for potentially depriving them of proper treatment."

Unapproved suppliers include Clinical Care, QP Medical, Bridgewater Medical, A+ Health Suppliers, and Quality Specialty Products (QSP).

Century City plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Fodor explains, "When it comes to Botox, this is a very, very potentially poisonous's an agent used in chemical warfare and it can paralyze your diaphragm so you cannot breathe (via CBS News)."

The remainder of the FDA's letter reads, "FDA urges the health care community to examine its purchasing practices to make sure  that products are purchased directly from the manufacturer or from state-licensed wholesale drug distributors in the United States. Health care professionals, pharmacies, and wholesalers/distributors are valuable partners in efforts to protect consumers from the risks of unsafe or ineffective products that may be stolen, counterfeit, contaminated, or improperly stored and transported.  The receipt of suspicious or unsolicited offers from unknown suppliers should be questioned, and extra caution should be taken when considering them."

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