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Eastern Europe is a region famous for its romantic destinations. Couples from all over the world come here to spend weekends, holidays, and entire vacations. Eastern Europe is not only exciting but also accessible. You will be amazed by cheap prices and entertainment opportunities that are far from being expensive. Pack your suitcases and visit a destination that suits you best.


Kyiv is a capital city of Ukraine, the biggest country in the Eastern Europe. There are many reasons for you to visit Kyiv. The city has a lot to offer. Traditional cuisine is delicious and the restaurants are very fashionable. You can find a cozy quiet café with a good view, visit a night club or go to Podil to see the old city. Dating services advise visiting Kiev in winter or spring when the city is most beautiful.


Lviv is considered to be a cultural capital of Ukraine. This city is a lot like Prague but better. Small cozy streets in the city center are perfect for a nice walk. There's a great amount of original and creative cafeteria, bars, and restaurants. You can drink more than 100 different kinds of beer in Lviv. You can also visit Mazoh, a café meant especially for couples that offers you spicy entertainment you won't forget.


This city is a lot like Lviv but it's situated in Poland. The prices are quite affordable. You can have a nice meal for a reasonable price. You won't be disappointed by different kinds of entertainment. You can have a nice trip to a castle just in the city. You can visit a fair, taste some traditional Polish cuisine or enjoy musicians playing for your entertainment in the city center. Whatever you choose, you and your loving one will surely be glad.


Bucharest is a capital of Romania. Bucharest can offer you the best cocoa in the world. You can also enjoy quality night life. There are dozens of cool nightclubs in Bucharest. Visiting one of them will surely be a great experience. You should also try national cuisine which is delicious. Hungarians can make fantastic things with veal and potato. Try local wine which is also good.


In case you're visiting Kyiv or Lviv in Ukraine, save some time to go to Odessa. This famous city is like nothing else you've ever seen. You can swim in Black Sea, walk along the seaside or go to the aqua park. People in Odessa are very friendly and the streets are busy even at night. The best time to go is druing summer. Try to find an evening open-air concert in a quiet place not far from the center. You can enjoy food and listen to music. What can be more romantic?


Budapest is a capital city of Hungary. Budapest has beautiful architecture. A sightseeing tour will most certainly leave you with good memories. Local food is tasty, original, and cheap. For a date with your partner you can choose visiting opera, going to concert or visiting a fair. The city center in the evening offers different activities.

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